Your home is so loaded, every 1m2 is amazing

- Jan 22, 2019-

In this era of looking at the face, many people do whatever they do, the first thing to consider is the value of the face. The decoration is the same as life, there is no perfect standard, mastering the method of raising the value of the family, and implementing them step by step, making the home more amazing.

Tip 1: Add some drama to the household


Although the porch is not large in the home, it is the only way to enter and exit, and it is also the highlight of the home style. Compared with the shoes that are played all over the door, it is better to set up the shoe in the entrance. This type of design is low-key and practical. You can also hang a few hanging pictures that are intended to be used, and give some small surprises to your first-time friends.


The lower pattern example is an ultra-small apartment with a usable area of no more than 30 square meters. But the owner set up a very stylish porch, with red brick walls, very personal. A seat and a dressing mirror are also provided to facilitate the finishing of the door when going out.

Tip 2: Set up the embedded cabinet


Use the wall or the fake wall to make the cabinet and the wall flush, so that the facade is more clean and tidy. The cabinet only reveals one side, and the overall appearance looks higher. Of course, in addition to good-looking, it also reduces the problem of closing between different materials.

In the case of the picture below, the owner did not let the sofa directly on the wall as in the traditional, but built the built-in locker in the wall space behind the sofa, which not only maximized the use of wall space, but also expanded Visual beauty.


Tip 3: Build your own heart

The best state of the home is to use the best space to do your favorite thing. This space may be the plant corner at the balcony, or it may be the reading angle of the sofa + floor lamp. If you spend some thoughts on the layout, the whole home may be different.

The lower pattern has a few square meters left in the living room. Although the living room area is reduced, there is a tea room separated from the restaurant, which not only looks good, but also gives the owner a high quality living atmosphere.


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