5G Is Fully Commercialized, And The Impact Of Inventory On Smart Home 4

- Jan 09, 2019-

More than just the improvement of broadband, in addition to smart home, 5G is gradually emerging in the fields of industrial automation, driverless, networked drones, telemedicine, intelligent transportation, etc.; mobile ultra-high definition video, augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality ( VR) and other large video applications have driven a significant increase in network bandwidth requirements. 5G will open a new era of universal connectivity and unlimited imagination. The whole society is full of expectations for the 5G era.


Integrate smart devices to promote the development of the industry

In the past 2018, smart door locks, smart speakers, smart light bulbs, smoke detectors, intelligent gateways (control centers), home cameras, smart home products that meet people's safety and security are the current stage to effectively promote the development of smart homes. power. With the development of 5G and the maturity of the smart home market, smart manufacturers actively build an intelligent security ecosystem and improve the industry's supporting regulations and standards system, which will greatly enhance the acceptance of home users and will hope to become the next development. Explosion point.

VoLTE has a wider audience

VoLTE is Voice over LTE (LTE Call), which is an IP data transmission technology that enables data and voice services to be unified under the same network. Simply put, when you are on the phone, you can also use the Internet.

The CEO of US telecom operator Verizon Wireless and the Korean telecom operator KT chairman and CEO realized the first 5G video call in Minneapolis and Seoul, South Korea through Samsung's 5G tablet prototype. This is the first video call made by Samsung's full 5G tablet before 5G officially commercialized.

The commercial deployment of VoLTE is a complex system engineering that requires cooperation in all aspects of the entire industry chain. From the network level, it involves multiple fields such as IMS core network, EPC core network, CS core network, signaling network, wireless network, bearer network, and support system. It is a complex network evolution in the field of telecommunications, and it is also A major challenge for carrier networks and business transformation, while testing the end-to-end solution capabilities of equipment vendors.

As we all know, 2G/3G is mainly designed for voice. They use Circuit Switched (CS) technology to provide telephone service. It is necessary to establish a line in the network before the call. This is an “exclusive” resource until the end of the call. tear down. When the call is in progress, the network will return to 2G or 3G, and the call mobile traffic will be interrupted.

But in the 4G era, on the one hand, in order to cope with the explosive growth of data traffic, on the other hand, due to advances in technology, the traditional circuit-switching technology was replaced by Packet Switched (PS). Packet switching is the packaging and transmission of data. Just like express delivery, the package is delivered to the recipient only when needed. For example, the voice is transmitted every 20 milliseconds, and it is not packaged without speaking. “Exclusive” resources can make more efficient use of resources. This call voice technology is clearer, links are faster, and there is very little disconnection.

Since the 4G LTE network only transmits data packets, both voice and related signaling are treated as packet transmissions, just like other data. VoLTE, or Voice over LTE, is built on top of the LTE network and transmits voice over IP packets.

However, we have just used 4G Volte HD voice call or yesterday. Most users of the three major operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom have not even seen the appearance of Volte. In the eyes of technology giants, 4G Volte has fallen behind. I have already turned my attention to the 5G Volte HD voice call.

Enjoy the ultimate audio and video experience faster

How can smart homes have ultra-high-speed experience such as smart TV audio, and the transmission speed will be doubled in the 5G era.

In the 5G network environment, the Internet speed will be nearly 66 times faster than 4G. This ultra-fast network speed will make many things impossible. Please imagine that when you are ready to download a "Paddington Bear" with high quality, if you use the current network, you have to wait at least 5 minutes, and in the 5G environment, it will be downloaded in a few seconds.

Before we watch the video on the 4G network, waiting for a few seconds of buffering is not a big problem, but if you are driving a self-driving car, it is very dangerous to encounter data delay. Specifically, in the current 4G network, the network usually takes 15-25 milliseconds to transmit data to a vehicle that may collide, and then the vehicle will begin to take emergency treatment. However, in the future 5G network, the transmission time of this data will be shortened to 1 millisecond.

And the biggest advantage of 5G compared to 4G is. For example, compared with 3G, 4G has tripled the spectrum efficiency and 4 times the bandwidth under the same spectrum bandwidth. According to Moore's Law, the ability to provide the same chip has increased by about 10 times, and with the continuous development of the chip, its processing power is also enhanced at the same cost. Therefore, the cost of the overall rate must be reduced. In short, it can provide users with higher speeds without increasing costs.

Provide strong technical support for the extension of smart technology

In the last Winter Olympics, based on 5G technology, the panoramic view synchronization view, time slicing, VR virtual reality technology and so on were realized. In the audience area of the Olympic venues, the front-view viewing experience is achieved by using 5G technology and VR live broadcast on the connected 5G network. And at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the history of the first drone light show is also inseparable from the powerful 5G technical support.

With the successful experiment of the Winter Olympics, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will also achieve large-scale deployment of 5G. Technology giant Intel announced cooperation with NTT DOCOMO, a Japanese communications service provider (national partner of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics), to provide 5G technical support for the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games network infrastructure, connectivity and new experience cooperation .

5G will also shine at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and will cooperate with Japanese operator NTT Docomo to provide 5G services, while the various devices and networks equipped with Intel XMM 8060 5G multi-mode baseband will be fully mature, providing a wider range of 5G services. .

In addition, the Internet of Things and autonomous driving are also the footholds of 5G.

For the automatic driving, in addition to the super deep learning ability, high-precision map, high-performance intelligent hardware, it is also inseparable from the 5G blessing. Autopilot wants to get traffic information and analysis on the road, all of which need to be based on the 5G-provided network platform, which greatly promotes the development of driverless.

The speed of 5G timely and fast data transmission will also promote the development of Internet of Things technology. 5G is a highly flexible network that will connect everything and connect with everyone, supporting all applications on the Internet of Things.

The most important condition for the development of the Internet of Things is the network system, which must have the interconnection and movement of the support. Only when the 5G network is covered can the network that truly supports the market demand be formed on the basis of it.

From the current point of view, 5G technology has penetrated into every aspect of our lives. 5G network will also provide the most powerful support for autonomous driving and the Internet of Things. The arrival of 5G network not only allows us to experience faster network speed, but also Bring us a new generation of experiences like unmanned driving.

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