A German Design That Combines Quality And Style, Combining Traditional And Modern Craftsmanship

- Nov 14, 2018-

The Martin series is extremely demanding in terms of detail and quality. Each piece of furniture requires33 inspection procedures before production to ensure that every piece of Martin furniture can be a worthwhile piece of art. In addition, the Martin series of furniture inherits the classic tradition with the ultimate Nordic minimalist style, connecting the future of “Made in China” in the craftsmanship. Under the 28th Red Dot Award-winning German designer Martin Ballendat, the Martin series combines traditional Chinese enamel structure, tooth-joining and horizontal craftsmanship with modern furniture design, loyal 

to tradition and bold innovation, ingenuity On the basis of quality, there is more cultural value, which conveys the long-lasting vitality of traditional Chinese craftsmanship. Up to now, the Martin series has covered a variety of space areas such as restaurants,bedrooms, living rooms, bar counters, and entrancehalls, and has formed a complete furniture system.



The Martin series, which combines quality and design, redefines the connotation of high-end furniture.With its simple and elegant appearance and user-friendly functional design, the Top 100 has also turned the counterfeit era of high-end solid wood furniture. With details, Fangxian high-end, as the leading brand in the domestic home furnishing industry, the top 100 furniture has always been deeply rooted in the field of furniture manufacturing with the “master of the heart”, in advanced German production equipment, exquisite German-style technology, and the pursuit of innovation. Under the idea, the top 100 constantly refreshed the height of the solid wood furniture field, let the industry see the vitality of the furniture manufacturing industry, and let the world re-recognize the "Made in China."




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