A New Chair And A Challenging Install

- Aug 21, 2019-

Knoll Ridge Chalet featuring the Babar Chair - Our newest chair and stool design is landing soon, with a pre-release shipment already installed atop Mt Ruapehu. Read about this challenging install and exciting new seating option.

Harrows is delighted to introduce the Babar Chair, joining our collection this August. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Babar lands just in time to brighten up your restaurant, cafe or office space for Spring. The Babar Chair and matching Stool display great craftsmanship and exceptional durability thanks to the slick and slender frame, curved back and tapered legs. The pre-release shipment is already in place in the stunning Knoll Ridge Chalet fit out. Perched 2,020m above sea level on the edge of Mt Ruapehu, this award winning eatery is New Zealand’s highest dining experience. Accessible by gondola and overlooking breathtaking views of the Pinnacles, the restaurant boasts natural timber and warm finishes that is juxtaposed to the surrounding environment, put together by designer Jess Interiors.

Bringing an eatery to life on top of a frozen mountain is always a challenge, with several factors such as accessibility and weather conditions playing a vital part in everything flowing smoothly. The harsh remote environment – including winds up to 220kph and temperatures well below freezing, rapidly changing weather and limited road access, meant the project required extensive logistical programming to ensure safe delivery and placement. Despite short delays due to snowy weather, the team used a helicopter to carry loads of furniture to the top of Mt Ruapehu and install it into the restaurant. The end result is a stunning result of innovative teamwork.






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