After 90, It Gradually Became The Main Force Of Household Consumption, And The Five Characteristics Are Worthy Of Attention.

- Jan 18, 2019-

Pursuit of bright colors

In recent years, colorful furniture has gradually increased. The furniture with strong color impact represented by light luxury furniture is harvesting a large number of consumers.

This phenomenon is by no means accidental.


In the special survey of consumers after 90s, it was found that after 90s, consumers were very sensitive to color, and they preferred the bright colors with impact to enrich their personalized life.

After 90, the cognition of life has obvious intergenerational characteristics. The post-90s consumer preferences sometimes affect their parents, because most of them are only children after 90, and they are favored and their personality is distinctive.

In 2018, in the case of a lot of industry performances, the beauty market has grown dramatically, and it can be used as a testimony to paying more attention to quality of life and pursuing a rich and colorful life after the 90s.

In 2018, the popularity of color furniture seems to confirm this.

Pursuit of exquisite

Chinese generations have lived a simple and rough life. In the hearts of most Chinese people, food and clothing has always been the pursuit of life.

But after 90, consumers don't think so. After 90, most of them grew up in the care of two generations. Even after 90 years of growing up in the countryside, the material aspect is quite rich, and the memory of poverty is very indifferent.

Since the generation of the 90s, China has generally pursued a refined life.

This will probably make many older Chinese people feel unbelievable, and some will be "stunned" by their livelihood.

However, in the 90 years, many of their parents felt that incredible things are normal. Such as exquisite.

If you know that after 90 years, many boys began to buy cosmetics to protect themselves, you can roughly predict how many years of luxury furniture can be popular.

Whether it is light luxury, designer furniture, new Chinese furniture, and other styles of furniture, exquisiteness is a must.

Return to a tradition of innovation

After 90, is the consumer the most admired generation of Western brands? I'm afraid not.

On the quality of worshipping Western products, I am afraid that I will not be left behind after 60, 70, and 80. There is also a reason for them to worship Western products. In the era when they just entered the consumer market, the quality of Chinese products is indeed not as good as the imported products.

In the market survey, it was found that a product with strong Chinese traditional cultural characteristics became a popular best seller in the post-90s consumers, and the product was quickly robbed. After the business survey, it was found that most of these products were bought by the 90s to send their elders.

In the 90s, this is a unique way to achieve intergenerational integration with his elders.

In fact, deep in the heart of the 90s, there is also a deep national cultural complex. As long as traditional culture is reproduced in an innovative way, it can still capture the hearts of young people.

The popularity of new Chinese furniture is also largely reflected in this market phenomenon. Whether it is after 90, or after their traditional 80s, 70s, and 60s, traditional culture can be reborn as long as it is fully innovated and with a distinct atmosphere of the times, generating a strong market appeal.

The more prosperous the material, the more people need the return and recognition of culture.

Sensual purchase

After 90, I will buy it because I like it, and often don't care about the price.

Such a purchase can be called a perceptual purchase. This is relatively rare among the traditional Chinese people who are thrifty, but it is a common phenomenon among consumers after 90s.

Color, shape, artistic atmosphere, the culture of furniture is more and more profound, and the more the market can be harvested.

After 90s, the hobbies are extensive, even world-wide. It is a waste of effort to completely guess their preferences. It is possible to harvest some fans and achieve great success in the Chinese market.

More willing to collect consumer knowledge from the Internet

After 90, it was the first generation in China to grow up with the network. As they grew up, the Internet became more popular and even became a necessity for life.

Surveys show that consumers with higher levels of education are more likely to collect information from the Internet to help them make consumer decisions.

For the Internet, after 90, the dependence is deeper and the consumption behavior is more daring.

For such a group of consumers, whether furniture manufacturers or furniture businesses, they must be more aggressive and more daring in the network. To a certain extent, the closer you are to the network, the more skillful you can use network technology, the closer you are to consumers, the more you can influence consumers.

Before becoming a furniture consumer in the 90s, you must have been looking at the network for a long time, and even have thoroughly analyzed you. If your network exposure is zero, or the image fails, the consequences can be imagined.

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