Analysis Of The Development Trend Of China's LED Lighting Market In 2018

- Jan 23, 2019-

In 2017, the global LED market will pick up, LED companies continue to expand production and actively transform. In 2018, global lighting production will reach 6.879 billion, an increase of 12.77% year-on-year. In the case of larger volume, there is still very good growth.

                                         2015-2020 global LED lighting scale (million)


According to the data, the penetration rate of domestic LED lighting increased to 42% in 2016, and the data shows that the penetration rate of global LED lighting in 2016 also reached 31.3%. The latest data estimates that the global LED lighting inventory penetration rate is about 39% in 2017 and is expected to reach 50% in 2019.

                                                Domestic LED lighting penetration trend


                                                  Global LED lighting penetration trend


In June 2017, the European Union banned halogen point sources and will ban other halogen lamps in September 2018, which will also promote the rapid development of European LED lighting products. The European lighting market is a mature market, but the market potential of commercial lighting, architectural lighting or entertainment lighting continues to be visible. Major US manufacturers are actively deploying LED lighting business. LED commercial lighting and industrial lighting are developing rapidly, and they are beginning to develop into new application fields such as intelligent and optical communication.

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