Analysis Of The Smart Home Industry In 2018: The Blue Sea Is Not Full, The Lighthouse Is Standing

- Dec 25, 2018-

But at present, when talking about smart homes, most of the impressions of the public are smart TVs, induction lighting, robots, smart watches and other products with conspicuous functions. There are many differences between smart homes and those that are understood by insiders. So what is the real smart home? Functionality and service experience, in simple terms:


First, smart. Safety is the basic requirement, and flexible remote control is an essential function. Environmental protection and energy conservation are the trend, and health and comfort are just needed.

Second, the interconnection. Synchronous update of intelligent data, realize multi-terminal interconnection and mutual control of households, and realize the interconnection and intercommunication of the entire community to realize the convenience of living circles.

Third, AI perception learning. For example, smart home appliances and intelligent lighting must not only be based on the user's usage habits, but also based on various monitoring devices, intelligent analysis of big data, and provide accurate services. In addition, the system actively learns, has human intelligence, and does not require user control to automatically realize the required Various intelligent services free the hands and brains of users and integrate intelligence into the daily life scene.

However, at present, smart homes around the world cannot fully realize the above-mentioned experiences for users. Due to factors such as insufficient development level of key technologies and imperfect industrial systems, the status quo of many smart home enterprises in China is “big heads – dreams are very Plump, neck thin - inter-connected uneven, thin - core technical level is insufficient, limbs are weak - lack of talent, the capital chain is easy to break, the mobility is slow, the service is out of actual demand," the survival pressure of smart home enterprises doubles .

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