Candy-colored Home Industry Wind

- Dec 17, 2018-

    November 1, 2016 - Lim+Lu Linzi Design, a cross-disciplinary young design firm based in New York, announced the completion of their apartment in Hong Kong as a product showroom for their original design. Adjacent to the Happy Valley Racecourse, the remodeled apartment reflects their comprehensive and colorful design aesthetic.


    The renovation of the apartment at Lim+Lu reflects the living environment that reflects the versatility and flexibility of modern living. The interior is visually more open simply by removing and rebuilding the walls in the space. By replacing the walls of the apartment space with glass and steel sliding doors, natural light can be moved between rooms, filled with remodeled apartments.


   The design of the apartment is clean, fresh and refined. Although reminiscent of the spatial continuity of the attic, Lim+Lu aims to avoid any connection to the current flood of New York industrial winds. To get rid of the ubiquitous industrial “fashion”, the designer deliberately chose the color that can inject new life into the space. The walls of the living room and bedroom are white and black, dividing the space for rest and relaxation. At the same time, the kitchen, study, walk-in closet and master bedroom are rich in pastels and deep gemstone tones, and elegantly matched with patterned tiles, allowing the core living space to blend into the extended space. The sill consisting of subtle colors, textures and materials maintains the fluidity of the space, allowing the space to be integrated into one piece effortlessly.


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