Capital Influx Into The Market Smart Door Locks Will Become The New Entrance To Smart Homes

- Jan 08, 2019-

The most intuitive difference between smart door locks and traditional mechanical locks is the difference in unlocking methods: in the past, only key unlocking was possible. In the intelligent era, there were more convenient ways of face, fingerprint, password, etc. In other words, personal physiological information was replaced. The key became the link to unlock. The smart door lock first solved the embarrassment of forgetting to bring the key.

Compared with Japan, South Korea and Europe and the United States, China's smart door lock market penetration rate is low, only 2%. From the perspective of the domestic market, China has a population of 1.4 billion and 400 million households, and the potential market is huge. From this point of view, the smart door lock market has a broad and beautiful blue sea.

Capital floods into the smart door lock market and doesn't want to be shut out


Since 2014, there have been 22 financing incidents in the field of smart door locks. Most of the financing is still based on Angel Wheel and A Wheel. The market is in the early stage of industrialization, and the startup companies and capital have poured in.

From 2014 to the present, 22 financing events in the field of smart door locks accounted for about 10% of the total area of smart homes. The industry is favored by the capital market. However, most of the financing is still based on Angel Wheel and A-round. The market is in the early stage of industrialization. Entrepreneurship companies and capital have poured in. Among them, Gubei Electronic Layout Software + Hardware, launched smart door locks, has taken the lead in realizing C-round financing. Yunding Technology, which specializes in the production of smart door locks, achieved 51 million B+ round financing in March 2017, leading the smart door lock emerging startup. With the development of technology, the intelligent door locks are transferred from the B-end market to the C-end market. Driven by the smart home boom, the smart door lock market will gradually mature.

The number of smart door locks is growing rapidly, and future prices are expected to fall.

At present, the price of smart door locks is mostly 2,000-3,000 yuan, and the average price is about 2,500 yuan, which is 10 times higher than traditional mechanical locks. There is a big "spread space", and many consumers who value the price are blocked. .

In 2015-2017, the number of smart door lock sales increased from 1.97 million sets to 8.14 million sets, and the market size increased from 4.9 billion yuan to 20.3 billion yuan. According to the forward forecast, after 2019, with the continuous improvement of the competitive landscape and the gradual improvement of the supply chain, the average price of smart door locks will gradually drop to around 2,000 yuan. In 2023, the sales of smart door locks will exceed 65 million sets.

Look at the smart door lock industry pattern, which is strong in all circles

All walks of life want to taste the huge cake of the smart door lock industry. At present, China's smart lock industry has formed six camps: professional smart lock camp, communications (mobile phone) camp, smart home camp, security camp, IT (Internet) camp, traditional lock camp. Faced with the huge market demand in the future and the fast-growing market, it is an inevitable trend for all the giants such as mobile phones, home appliances, security, and the Internet to start “locksmiths”.

Smart door locks will become a new entry point for smart homes. Do you still want to bring keys?

Since the 1990s, with the development of the Internet of Things, smart home, and the Internet, smart door locks have begun to break out in the civilian market. Remote start, remote control, remote alarm, and remote monitoring have become the standard for many smart locks. It is expected that after 2018, smart door locks will enter a period of rapid development and be applied to a broader smart home scene.

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