Channels, Entrances, Traffic, The Three Major Focus Of The Whole House Customization In 2019

- Jan 03, 2019-

First, 2019, the Matthew effect will intensify

The situation of "strong and strong, weak and weak, and even out" will become more prominent in the new year.

I once divided the nine listed companies in the whole house custom-made home into three major echelons: the first echelon, the European team, the Sophia and the Shangpin home, the second echelon Zhibang, the good Lai Ke, the gold medal, the third echelon, Le, Piano, Top solid, after the cold baptism of the 2018 industry, the development of the three echelon teams has seen a clear situation of change, Shangpin home is in the pursuit of Sofia, and the development momentum of Haola has covered Chibang, Pia. Connaught surpassed me.


In the new year, this kind of scene of "you sing me to debut" will be carried out at a wider and deeper level.

According to my calculations, the total revenue of the three major brands of the first echelon in 2018 has basically accounted for 10% of the total industry market share. In the new year, this industry concentration will be further enhanced, and the balance of market competition. Will further tilt to the head business.

The situation of listed home furnishing companies is still the same, and the situation of unlisted custom home furnishing companies can be imagined.

In 2019 and 2020, they are sprinting to the listing of Canoa and Siniman. They have a long way to go.

Second, 2019, the price war will go from invisible to dominant

The price war that ignited at the beginning of 2018 has actually spread to the end of the year. The price wars set up by the 19800 of the European-style wardrobe, the 799 of Sophia, the Shangpin house and the 518 of Weiyi have filled the entire industry, and the listed echelon Other brands and unlisted custom-made companies are basically rushing along the path of price wars opened by the Big Three in combination with their own situation.

In the new year, this kind of price war for more market share will be more explicit, because whether it is the early launch of the 799 Sofia, or the late launch of the 19800 European, or the beginning of 2018 518's Shangpin home delivery and Weiyi, they have won a very rich market return with price weapons. In 2018, Shangpin's home delivery and Weiyi still maintained a growth rate of more than 30%, and 518 contributed. The deeper reason is that from 2016, the expansion of custom home manufacturing bases will begin to release capacity to the market in a comprehensive and comprehensive manner in 2019. In the new year, overcapacity will surface, which will lead to customized enterprises. Deeper and wider wielding price war weapons to seize the market cake.

Third, 2019, channel and entrance melon will be more bayonet

Channel diversification, import and traffic fragmentation are the most fierce competition reality for 2018 whole-house custom home enterprises. Traditional store traffic has fallen on the cliff, and emerging Internet tools such as vibrato have become the weapon to steal traffic. The owner of the home said a very vivid word: "Now, when consumers dream of buying a custom home, some people are trying to find ways to grab this traffic."

The competition for channels, portals and traffic will be even more crazy in the new year.

Nowadays, custom enterprise operations are not only traditional home stores such as Red Star and Real Estate. They also join forces with traditional home appliance stores such as Gome and Suning, such as Europa, Shangpin, and Gold.

In addition, the customized enterprise will surely go beyond the traditional narrow engineering channels and enter the generalized hardcover housing field. Europa, Sofia, Gold, Piano, etc. are all operating this broad channel.

More importantly, the trend of the whole assembly is whizzing, and the era of traditional home improvement companies and Internet home improvement companies and custom home furnishing enterprises empower each other. In the new year, it will surely come and form a climate, in the banner of “stay in the bag” Next, the new home network installed cloud, European-style home decoration, gold medals, orange home decoration, Bai Desheng, Shi Niman, Boloni, etc. have been comprehensive or tentative layout of this imaginative channel.

Is it against the wind? Still drifting with the tide? This is a new year's new issue in front of the decision-makers of the whole house custom home business.

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