Children's Furniture Purchase Pay Attention To The Following 3 Points

- Dec 18, 2018-

Many parents want to buy or replace a set of children's furniture suitable for their children. However, when they enter a multi-brand and complex family shopping mall, they are somewhat "stunned and fascinating." I don't know where to start. In fact, the purchase of children's furniture is very knowledgeable, this newspaper has three tricks for you.


The first measure: the most important environmental protection

Because children's resistance is weak and growing, the environmental protection of furniture must be in the first place. In the eyes of parents, children like bright, bright colors, but also help to form an optimistic character, but you do not know, the quality inspection agency survey shows that the brighter the color of furniture paint, lead and other heavy metals may be more many.

When purchasing children's furniture, it is recommended to ask the merchant for the furniture paint inspection report to check whether the surface coating of the furniture is qualified, and choose natural wood furniture or non-wood furniture of famous brand as much as possible. For products without warning signs, unbranded models, no applicable age segments, and no instructions for use, it is not recommended to purchase. Newly purchased children's furniture should be placed in a ventilated place for a period of time to disperse harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

The second measure: design to be safe

Lively and curiosity is a child's nature, but many parents have neglected the sharp edges and corners of furniture. When selecting children's furniture, pay attention to whether the edge, tip or protruding part that can be touched is rounded; whether the hole and the gap in the furniture have the risk of pinching the child's finger, avoiding the child being pinched during daily play; Whether children's furniture has venting holes; whether children's furniture with folding device has manual positioning device; whether the stability of cabinet children's furniture is enough to prevent children from turning over and falling over tables and chairs; high table and cabinets with height greater than 600mm For the products, whether to provide the connecting parts of the fixed products on the building, and clearly indicate the installation and use methods in the instructions for use.

The third measure: both functional

When purchasing furniture, you should also consider the child's "growth", choose for example, you can stretch, increase the bed, etc., let the furniture accompany the child to grow. If the room is limited, you can choose a function bed that combines a desk, wardrobe and bed, which is both practical and space-saving.

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