Classification Of Dining Tables And Chairs

- Sep 19, 2018-

1, according to the design method is divided into: Siamese dining table and chairs and split dining tables and chairs.
2. The number of people dining according to each table can be generally divided into: double dining table and chair, four-person dining table and chair, six-person dining table and chair, eight-person dining table and chair, ten-person dining table and chair.
3, according to the different materials of the dining table and chair: steel dining table and chairs (generally divided into glass steel, stainless steel), wooden dining tables and chairs (generally solid wood dining tables and chairs, music dining tables and chairs, etc.), marble meals Tables and chairs, plastic dining tables and chairs.
4, according to the design of the chair can be divided into: foldable, non-foldable; stool, with backrest.

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