Crafting Luxury Through The Details

- Oct 24, 2019-

Taking luxury to new heights, The Churchill by Izzard Design embraces the power of small touches and subtle details. From the light fittings to the furniture, nothing has been overlooked when creating this experience. “You want experiences to elevate you to a place of luxury” says Paul Izzard.

Expertly crafted by Harrows, the table tops are one particular feature that are striking to look at and offer a tactile element to the customer experience. Harrows worked with procurement specialists Statement ID to coordinate Izzard Design’s vision, which included a combination of table tops from different materials, textures and details.

First to capture your attention are the mosaic marble tiled table tops with brass edges. Harrows collaborated with local tilers for the surfaces, carefully finishing these tops by hand with brass edging mounted flush with an ash clashing. The result is impressive, almost glittering as one moves around the room.


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