Customized Home 2019 Battles Started, So That Companies Can Continue To Be Competitive!

- Dec 28, 2018-

In 2019, the custom home industry opened the second half ‍

There are too many companies and products before 2018, the production efficiency is constantly improving, the cost is constantly compressing, the process is constantly improving, and the products are surplus. Now we need to think about how to make these products more efficient and find the people who need them. Go to them.

It means that products that can't meet the needs of consumers can't reach the consumers' hands, find their own customer positioning, and send the products and services they need to them, instead of giving them to all consumers, on-demand production. , C2B, is what you have to rethink and define. In a period of time, the number of consumers has not changed much, but how to match the corresponding product efficiency to your users. How to revitalize the stock market and do your own one-acre three-point land. It can be judged that the custom home industry will undergo tremendous changes in the next decade, and four types of companies deserve special attention:


Industrialized scaled custom enterprise

Enterprises represented by 799, 19800, and 518 have a huge number of channels, overwhelming advertisements, and seized the mental models of most pan-home buyers and some consumers. Later, there are advanced R&D systems, product systems, and production. Base and supply chain integration, such companies can maximize the production cost of products, and the price is controlled in a relatively good range.

This part of the company we call the "head brand", each step has a purpose, or to kill a part of the same category of companies to follow, if not to integrate the industry, the upstream and downstream channels are integrated. This type of enterprise has formed a general trend in the industry, revitalizing the stock market, their methods of attack, launching a war is a comprehensive promotion of land, sea and air, and the impact on second and third-tier enterprises is considerable, and will affect local small businesses. The original state of woodworking.

In the future, they will integrate into the whole big home, overall decoration, smart life, and a richer Internet distribution model to meet consumers' lifestyle and trajectory needs, tending to green consumption, individual consumption, quality consumption and emotional consumption, and even Because of the lifestyle advocated. It is conceivable that in the future, in order to satisfy more levels of consumers, they will also launch more brands to locate consumer groups and increase their breadth. There will also be more supporting companies attached to them, and become dominant in the next 10 years of consumption upgrade wars.

In the face of such a hegemon, when competing against PK in the market, you have no control over the price of similar products. Because of the endorsement of the brand, this powerful force, you can not fight positively. If you want to keep your current stock market, do the second upgrade service and refine the service; if you are not actively upgrading the product system or lowering the product system, use the 25% price dimension to directly distinguish the target users.

Differentiation + industrial customization

When you are in two dimensions, that is, when you are parallel, you want to intersect, that is impossible. Such enterprises have a keen eye and a strong psychology, and have the mentality of long-distance running. When facing the first-class enterprises, they maintain a positive attitude, avoid the tit-for-tat battlefield, and look for virgin land that you do not want to do and the market needs.

These are all enterprises that are based on the resources of the company's own resources. They have great ambitions, dare to be the courage of the world, have the first preparation for eating crabs, and have the dividends brought by differentiated operations. There is a group of loyal dealers who worship the differentiated religion of the company.

Product system differentiation

For example, Baidesheng custom-made, first of all, from the differentiation of the cabinet to make a breakthrough, Australia solid wood, North American solid wood, and the market popular particle board cabinet, multi-layer cabinet cabinet, made a difference. In the face of solid wood and wood-based panels, when prices are almost the same, consumers will choose the former. The solid wood that gradually extends to the door panel and the small assembly mode of the small home are all differentiated and integrated under the general trend.

The crown-specific system, under the solid foundation of 16 years, in the past two years, from the solidification of the door panel, the price plate, the automation of the solid wood door panel, solved the problem of solid wood price that consumers care about, the problem of fast delivery of solid wood production, scraping in the industry. It has a solid wood plate style, which meets the light luxury, simplicity and youthfulness of the solid wood after 8090. At the same time, on the differentiated negative ion board of the cabinet, the difference is made from the health functions that everyone pays attention to. The negative ion cabinet is not only self-environmental, but the key is to solve the problem of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia that are concerned about indoor decoration. Such a cabinet can solve such problems. ‍

Therefore, everyone pays attention to this type of enterprise, which is a company with great wisdom. It understands that differentiated products meet customer needs, and at the same time, to solve consumers' demand for fast and demand for price, it must be automated and intelligent. Production, thus having a large-scale cost advantage. Such enterprises have their own supporting intelligent information departments, and they solve their own problems. The core technology is in their own hands.

 Highly customized

Consumption upgrades are also the result of consumer grading. At each stage, there will be 5% of the population, with high consumption power and consumer demand, and full of personalization, because of his own values. They don't like groups, don't like the public, like loneliness, to meet the needs of this niche group, is a research product, customer lifestyle, design and installation technology can only be completed.

The birth of such a company will be accompanied by the founder's ultimate requirements for life and the harshness of technology. It is not something you can do, or it can be said to be genetic. This type of single value is large, but such consumers are relatively in the hands of high-end designers. These people are also powerful people in the local area, and the service requirements are detailed, if you do not have a corresponding service system. It is impossible to touch. For personalization, end with a sentence: someone specializes in doing things. There must be diamonds to take this porcelain job!

Regionalization, localization customization

Every enterprise is born with the great dream of the founder, localized custom brand, and also has the dream of going to the country, this is human nature. Such enterprises are basically the majority of local dealers, decoration companies, and foreigners who work in the field to get back to business. There is definitely a reason to exist. Because it satisfies the development needs of the entire city construction, it is recognized by the price of the low-end just-needed people, so it is moist. Such enterprises have the advantages of low price, small service radius, fast delivery, design and installation, so that small-cost entrepreneurs can see certain hopes; low cost is because only production, no environmentally safe production, no environmental protection, etc. The investment in pollution control costs, no investment in marketing expenses, no investment in research and development, the cost performance advantage is very obvious.

In recent years, with the expansion of the first- and second-line brands and the expansion of channels, localized custom manufacturers have become more and more difficult, and the price advantage is gradually losing. The service advantage is only blowing, it is difficult to land, why? Because money is needed to promote, talent is needed to promote it. With the advancement of the country's green economy and tax reform, such enterprises are even more difficult. Such enterprises will have a place in the future for a long time with the national big brands and head brands.

The future market is more and more standardized, and it is no longer necessary to represent the brand advantage and service advantage of first- and second-line brands and to sell localized products at the same time. Because of technology promotion, consumers are more concerned about the quality of life quality upgrade; the channel control of first- and second-line brand manufacturers is tightened; the country's strict law enforcement, consumer awareness of rights protection, dealers do not make money, all make the goods become past .

Change of ideas, change of mode, do what you are good at, do special things, and actively reform, in order to not fall. For the future, our responsibility is even greater. We must enlarge our own pattern and vision. Don’t just stay in the traditional order. It’s frustrating and sluggish. People who have hammers in their hands are looking at nails. What do pessimistic people look at? They are all pessimistic. Like climbing, the higher the climb, the thinner the air, the higher the more lonely, but the landscape we see and the realm of enjoyment are completely different.

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