Customized, Intelligent, Self-contained, Home Industry, These Three Outlets Are Still Open

- Jan 08, 2019-

There is a question that is very common. Many people are asking, is there a chance for the traditional home building industry? What will happen to the prospects? The large-scale research tells you with certainty that there are many opportunities in this industry, and there will be no less in the future, but you have to find out its pulse, see the wind, and follow the rhythm. The probability of success will be greater.


Customized, self-contained, and intelligent, these three vents are at least open.

Although there are a lot of companies on the map, no one dares to say that they are leading the big brother, they can set the pattern down, let alone the whole market to eat and kill.

As long as the pattern is not fixed, the monopoly power of the oligarchy will not break out, so you can kill it and take the share. Look carefully, you will find that even those predators have a lot of weakness.

01 Custom home just finished the first half

The customization of the whole industry is just a few rounds of competitions in the closet and cabinets. The winning and losing situation is almost the same.

The first echelon is mainly based on Europa, Sofia, and Shangpin. The revenue is at least 4 billion.

In the second echelon, there are some listed companies, such as Hao Laike, Gold, Zhibang, Ile, etc., as well as well-known cabinet brands such as Bolognese and Smy, as well as some customized products for finished furniture, such as Friends of home, Gujia home, Qumei home, etc., customized to become a strategic level, the scale is just around the corner.

There are also third echelons, such as Marg, Liwei, Canoni, Yilian, Ai Gege and so on.

At present, the customized new battlefield has jumped out of the closet and cabinets and moved to the whole house for customization. The whole house customization has just started, no one can dare to say that they run through the mode, and they will soon become the boss. Everyone just started from their own superior business and explored the layout of the whole house. The first half of the game just sounded the opening whistle.

For ceramics, bathroom, flooring, lighting and other building materials industry, custom is a ginseng fruit hanging in the middle of the mountain, some people want to pick one, and now still explore the road.

For example, tile customization, Dongpeng, Ou Shennuo, Shunhui ceramic tile, etc., from the personalization of space design to customize, provide free room, free design and other services, according to the owner's needs, apartment type, style preferences and other factors, free of charge The owner produces the renderings. After finalizing the renderings, the owner selects the tile style based on this map.

According to the large-scale research, this kind of customization basically hits the pain points of the owners, traditionally chooses bricks, looks at the model rooms, and looks at the albums. If you don't see satisfactory results, you can only look at the products. The effect after imagining the pavement is What, it is very painful.

After customizing the move, use some cloud design software, such as 3D home, cool house music, etc., to make pictures on the spot, this experience is definitely much better.

The difficulty is coming again. It depends on who is on the scene and the effect is fast. The effect is also in place, and don't let the customer have a psychological burden. If you have a picture, you have to pay.

With too much psychological burden, some customers are afraid to find you free of charge. If you don't find a free map, the original plan of the guest plan may be lost. Give customers more emphasis in advance, and be happy to provide services free of charge. It is prescribed by the company. It doesn't matter if you buy or not, which will give you a better feeling.

Floors, lighting, doors and windows, etc., the custom route is not much different from the tiles, starting from the space to make a fuss, the whole house is packaged. For example, the floor is made, trying to cut through the space effect of the whole house and wrapping the floor of all the rooms.

The custom-made plates of the whole body include Jiu Mu, Dongpeng, Emperor, Rose Island, Ou Pai, Gold Medal, Xinhai Jialan, Zhongbo, etc., which are laid out early.

Nine animal husbandry has a five-star custom, and the European party has changed its own positioning to "high-end full-service customization." Rose Island, which used to be a shower room, also proposed a full-service custom strategy and is recruiting dealers.

After reading the whole book, you will find that the difference between the routines is not big, and there is not much difference between the custom and the tile customization. It is also from the space customization, free size, free design, and then choose the appropriate sanitary ware, then distribute and install. .

This kind of customization can also provide several styles in advance for the owner to choose, or to fine-tune on the basis of the established space.

For some time, the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show, the theme of the Rose Island scene is custom-made. On the marketing platform such as the official website, Jiu Mu has opened a five-star customized entrance and made an online reservation. A few days ago, the gold-branded bathroom opened a new product launch conference, aiming at the custom-made custom.

Still others, thinking about making products, it is not only from the DIY of space design, but also strives to match the product with the buyer's personalized needs, such as a bathroom cabinet, you can choose the tub, water dragon, main cabinet, Mirrors, etc., can also choose the size, color, material and so on.

This also has its market space, relatively small, after all, most owners are difficult to make trivial demand for specific product details, and landing difficulty will certainly be much larger.

To customize this, we don't need to doubt its feasibility. The consumption upgrade is not about talking to you. The more wealth you have, the more you like to do things according to your own ideas. I still want to buy a house, from design to tile, can be as I imagined, who can satisfy me in a down-to-earth manner?

Ten years ago, the company that had done a good job with some finished furniture talked about customization. Others regarded you as an alien and felt too advanced and not popular. So, gave the space for the Shangpin homes.

Now, all the big friends, such as All-Friends, Gu Jia, and Qu Mei, are chasing on the road of customization. There are thousands of people behind the second and third echelons. Can you bend over and overtake, and stand out from the crowd, you have to look at their own creations, meet in a narrow way, and win with wisdom and courage.

02 The door of the smart home has only opened a small slit.

We talk about smart homes, most of the time, are staring at several popular brands, such as Baidu, Haier, google, Samsung, etc., staring at popular categories, such as smart lighting, smart locks, and the recent hot smart speakers.

In fact, the large-scale research believes that in the traditional home building materials industry, tiles, sanitary ware, flooring, furniture and other sectors, intelligence is just getting started, put on the consumer side, has not risen to the level of need, everyone strives to popularize Promotion work.

Shortly after starting, it means either a bad ending or a big prospect. Even in the popular lighting, door locks, routers, cameras, home robots, smart sockets, etc., there are indeed many companies entering the market, ranging from a few hundred to more than a thousand, and have worked hard for a long time, but there is currently no Become a phenomenon-level decoration standard.

The owner's recognition can't reach a certain level, and the consumption can't reach a certain order of magnitude, and the brands only have bitterness. There are quite a lot of big bangs, such as smart speakers, which have attracted Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, etc., involving almost all domestic and international giants.

For example, intelligent lighting, Huawei, Philips, Osram, Op, ABB, Schneider, Honeywell, Koop, etc., have entered the market.

In 2013, there was a wave of entrepreneurial enthusiasm for intelligent lighting and smart electricians, such as the adjustment of technology. At that time, he received angel investment, and Yunfeng Fund founder Qi Feng and others gave 22.5 million yuan. Later, it merged into the 50 million Pre-A round.

There is also a smart lighting company in Poland, Silvair, who has won a $12 million venture capital. The influential BroadLink in China, when it was established in 2013, the entry point is Wi-Fi smart socket, smart remote control, smart switch, etc. It is said that the sales of smart items in 2017 have reached 1.8 million pieces, half of which are exported. .

There are also a lot of smart bathroom visitors, almost no one or two brands have loose hands, including Jiu Mu, Heng Jie, Whale, Haier, Kohler, TOTO, etc. Most of the entry points have been selected three: smart toilet, steam room, massage Bathtub.

The large-scale research found that there are several common practices in the industry:

One is the main push smart toilet explosion, maybe one or two series, such as the whale's washing, sold in the market for several years; Hengjie's Q8 and Q9, this may draw the name of the Audi Q series SUV; Jiu Mu's G5 I have done a lot of work.

Another method is to push a number of series, such as the gold medal bathroom at the same time several models, Zhixin X6, Zhiheng, Zhixin X7, Zhiyue, etc., all high-middle and low-end battles, this strategy has its advantages, covering the purchase The family is relatively wide, and there is always a possibility that it may explode. There are also disadvantages, such as the spread of promotional resources.

There is also a direct installation of smart bathroom, starting from the overall bathroom space, such as Jiu Mu, Kohler, etc., are doing this.

There is an inspiring data. In developed countries such as Britain, France and Germany, the proportion of households using smart homes exceeds 34%, while in China, it is only 4.45%. Compared with other fields, in most cases, some developed countries in Europe and America. The phenomenon of improving the quality of life will often appear in our country.

Combined with the better experience brought by smart products, we can conclude that its popularity in the country is worth looking forward to! But there are three conditions. One is that the price is going down, the other is that the quality is stable, and the third is that the consumption hotspot has to be built.

03 can also do small assembly

When we mention the whole installation, we often intimidate people. We feel that the whole installation is to get all the design, decoration materials, construction, soft furnishings and furniture. Users only need to configure home appliances and daily necessities to stay in the bag.

Every time I think about this, I feel that there are not many companies in China that can put this matter in place.

The decoration company once did the whole decoration, and had its own material library, which directly purchased from the factory; raised a special designer and organized a group of foremen to do the construction. As a result, the company was really installed at home, and there were not many, Dong Yiri. In 2017, the revenue of the company was more than 36 billion.

Now we carry out the whole installation, jump out of the original practice of the decoration company, and focus on the decoration of a certain category, such as Dongpeng Ceramics' “packaged product package”. It is a company that makes ceramic tile, actually puts kitchen appliances, ceilings, Doors and windows, paints are all considered.

Shangpin Home Furnishing has specially set up a HOMKOO self-contained cloud platform to provide support for the whole design, virtual decoration, construction control, supply chain management, etc. It is provided free of charge to the decoration company. In fact, it should be F2C, from the factory. To the purchase of the company.

It’s too big to play. We don’t have to go through the whole line. We can start with a small hand, such as a company that uses sanitary ware, wraps up the bathroom, Huida, squatting, seagull, etc. It is this rationality to make a complete bathroom.

When making tiles, the space involved in the tiles is considered, such as living room scenes, kitchen and bathroom scenes, study scenes, etc., according to different rooms, providing a complete installation plan. Wall paints or wallpapers, lamps used in the room, etc., can pull a few grades and brands with similar influences to build alliances and work together.

In fact, small assembly can be done in this way. What are the benefits? Solve the owner's choice dilemma, help the owner save time and effort, and increase customer unit price.

There are successful precedents to follow. For example, before the cabinets were made, the whole wardrobe, the whole bookcase, the wine cabinet, the shoe cabinet, the TV cabinet, the walk-in cloakroom, the wall-mounted wardrobe, etc., all inclusive, this is the cabinet type. Installed.

According to the "White Paper on China's Home Furnishing Design Trends in 2018" released by Life Home Decoration and Tencent Home, the proportion of "respectively and personally" is 20.81%, "all the whole house, the bag is checked" It is 39.6%, of which 80.5% after 80% and 38.93% after 90.

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