Do Whatever You Want, How To Move At Home

- Dec 20, 2018-

       Located in the elite section of downtown Taipei, the first floor and the 8th floor corner space view and lighting, are not obstructed by the neighboring houses, and the existing rough house is the basic condition, the unconcealed cement With the steel-bone structure, it has become the most direct source of inspiration for the design, with rough and meticulous joints, and the overall planning of the design from the cement ceiling preserved in the current condition of the rough house. According to the building conditions of the large window and the scene, the concept of life and use is re-conceived, the vision of the city skyline is preserved, and the natural light source is abundant in the room. The public and private fields are given a variety of appearances through a coherent movement.


     Through the original characteristics of cement, the color decoration and the decoration of the furniture object, the fine elements of the classical graphics are connected, connected by a white background, reflecting the main wall consciousness of cement powder, and jumping off another level.


      The public area deliberately divides the kitchen function into two. The light-hearted Nakajima is integrated into the living room and dining room to form an interesting triangular interactive relationship. In the back-made lattice glass cabinet, the Lego toy is specially collected for boys; also like Lego The dexterous combination of the characteristics of the sofa, the concept of the sofa in the living room, informal and can be placed in the sitting position according to daily activities, staying in the footsteps of life.


   The master bedroom also has a transparent view of the light, mainly using the volume formed by the locker cabinet to separate from the bed, its less than the top method can avoid the oppressive atmosphere of the space, and let the light and shadow elements have different angles of change.


    The designer proposed to adopt the "hotel-style" specification and use the "return type" moving line to connect. On the white background, the floor connecting the bathroom and the dressing room is specially selected with blue and white tone tiles, and at the same time, the floor height difference is created. The conversion constitutes a flat-shaped tile dressing aisle until the dresser, shower and toilet. Next to the window view, the bathtub that is not often used is deliberately set as a furniture object, and a black chandelier is used to form an end view.


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