Eighteen Key Words In The Home Market In 2018

- Dec 21, 2018-

In 2018, in the ever-changing market, some companies expanded their stores and cross-border cooperation to continuously expand their commercial maps; some enterprises lacked innovation and were difficult to adapt to the changing market, and fainted in the accelerated reshuffle. 2018 is nearing completion. In this issue, the reporter reviewed and counted the home market in 2018.

Keyword 1 shop layout

Following the actual home in 2017, the number of stores opened in the whole year was 60, and the total number of stores reached 222. In 2018, the pace of opening stores continued. At the beginning of the year, it set a goal of sticking to the main business of home and opening 300 stores in 2018. Not only in the expansion of large cities, but also the home is gradually intensively intensively in the fourth and fifth tier cities.

As of June 2018, Red Star Macalline operated a total of 267 shopping malls, covering 180 cities in 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. The total operating area of the mall is 15.9552 million square meters. In the future, we will continue to focus on the strategic layout of self-employed people in the core areas of first- and second-tier cities. In addition, Red Star Macalline continues to expand its management malls in third-tier cities and other cities.

Key words 2 cross-border cooperation

In 2018, the traditional home industry and the Internet began to deep integration, and cross-border cooperation became the mainstream dynamic.

On February 11th, the Internet giant Alibaba joined a number of institutions to invest 13 billion yuan in the strategic home of the home circulation business. Among them, Ali invested 5.453 billion yuan and held 15% of the shares of the actual home.

On March 27th, the 3D home of the Internet Cloud Design Platform completed the 300 million B round of financing led by Red Star Macalline. On July 9th, the two companies joined forces again to hold the launching ceremony of the “Innovation Ji” 2018 5th 3D Innovation Technology Launch and the Red Star Macalline Design Cloud Platform in Guangzhou.

At the beginning of May, the "Severe Selection of HOME Experience Zone", which was successfully selected by Orange and Netease, was launched in Ningbo. At the same time, the joint-name soft-package package was launched to test the new business of water home.

On June 16th, Jingdong Qumei-Fashion Life Experience Hall, which Jingdong and Qumei Home jointly created, landed in Beijing. On September 27th, the North Fifth Ring flagship store of Qumei Jingdong Home opened.

On July 6th, the global e-commerce platform global catcher and the Chinese software home furnishing brand “Gujia Home” signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou.

On October 31, Red Star Macalline and Tencent announced the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership and released its first cooperation achievement, the MP platform.

Keyword 3 new retail

At the Ali Yunqi Conference in October 2016, after Alibaba Mayun first proposed new retail in the speech, enterprises in the home industry began to explore new retail models. In 2018, new retail is still the home industry. Theme of.

In April of this year, the one-stop commercial project that the family actually created was the home of the real estate experience MALL opened in the Lize business district. Actually, MALL experienced the full layout of the major consumer formats such as fresh supermarkets, catering theaters, sports and fitness, children's entertainment, home care, and digital intelligence in nearly 230 stores.

On April 15th, Tmall & Beijing Sophia's smart store opened in Beijing's North Fourth Ring Real Estate. After re-installing the revised version, the Sofia store was completely renewed, reinterpreting the “new retail” with the technology provided by Ali and new hardware.

Following the Shanghai C store, in July, Shangpin House opened a second C store in Beijing, passing on the “home” lifestyle and becoming a lifestyle experience integrating “multiple lives of eating, drinking, playing and fun”. center.

TATA wooden door and Tmall work together to create a hundred smart stores. In the Tmall Wisdom Store, TATA wooden doors have nearly 1,000 books including “Happiness·Renovation and Storage”, “Happiness·Home Life”, “Happiness, Parenting Education” and “Happiness and Spiritual Growth”. Consumers can Easily enjoy reading, or self-purchase TATA wooden door products. With Tmall's "VR Experience Smart Terminal" and other technologies, consumers can experience the installation effect in the store.

Key words 4 environmental protection

In 2018, environmental protection continued to increase. Companies are also paying more attention to environmental protection in their own production products.

On January 1, 2018, the "Environmental Protection Tax Law" was officially implemented, and the environmental protection tax levy had a profound impact on the home industry.

On May 1st, the new national standard "Inner decoration decoration materials and its manufacturing products, formaldehyde emission limit" was officially implemented, as the only mandatory national standard for wood-based panels and their products industry, for wood-based panel enterprises and downstream The requirements for the production of panel furniture are more stringent.

Keyword 5 running

In 2018, the home industry continued to shuffle, many companies entered the market, but they were struggling to support and left.

On March 15, 2018, Hubei Apple Decoration (Hunan Apple Decoration Wuhan Branch) began to be complained by a large number of owners, reflecting that after signing the contract and collecting the money, there was a delay in starting work or a stoppage, and the quality and quality of the home improvement were both problematic. Subsequently, Apple's decorated stores in the land suddenly "people go to the floor."

In May, a number of shops in Chengdu, the chain decoration platform “No. 1 Home Network”, suddenly closed. There are also lemon tree decorations, I love my family, and some designer shops have appeared some shops running.

Keyword 6 normative standard

In 2018, a number of industry standards were introduced or updated to further standardize the home industry. China's first recoating service standard "Indoor wall and wood recoating service and acceptance procedures (T/CNCIA02002-2017)" was officially implemented on January 1 this year to ensure the quality of indoor wall and wood recoating services. The environmental protection meets the requirements, and at the same time, the customer's household items are not affected by the construction and the service quality is improved.

Keyword 7

In 2018, “packaging” has become an important battleground for pan-home enterprises. At this year's Jianbo Fair, Shangpin's home delivery launched the “new home decoration”, and the European party launched the “Star House”. In addition to the whole house custom-made Europa, Sofia, Shangpin home delivery, and good Lai Ke, there are more commercial forces aiming at the “packaging” of the Blue Ocean: there are real estate companies Country Garden, Evergrande, Vanke, etc., extending downstream, including renovation, Furniture appliances; there are Internet platforms to try to realise the flow; also ceramic tile building materials, home appliance companies have begun to do the whole house renovation.

Keywords 8 M&A

In 2018, home furnishing companies fought frequently in acquisitions.

On January 8, 2018, Meike Home announced two recent acquisitions, namely, a wholly-owned subsidiary, Meike International Business Trading Co., Ltd., which purchased a 60% stake in M.U.S.T. Holdings Limited Furniture Company for US$4.92 million in cash.

On January 10, 2018, Gujia Home and NATUZZI (with nearly 60 years of history, is currently the largest furniture listed company in Italy.

On the evening of April 23, Bunny announced that the company intends to invest approximately HK$418 million (equivalent to RMB 335 million) at a price of HK$1.55 per share to acquire the second largest shareholder of Nature Home (02083.HK). Natural home 270 million shares.

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