Entering The Expo Black Technology Stunning Audience? In Fact, The Furniture Industry Is Not Bad!

- Nov 13, 2018-

At the same time as visiting the exhibition, I was impressed by the "black technology magic" of various industries around the world!




"FMC China" and "China International Furniture Accessories and Materials Exhibition (FMC Premium)" held at the New International Expo Center on September 11-15, 2018, brought us advanced furniture. Display of materials and accessories.


Mr. Wang Mingliang, the founder and director of the organizer Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., has repeatedly said that the most difficult part of the transformation and upgrading of China's furniture industry is high-end manufacturing. Starting from 2017, we have put forward the policy of “industry-led” and vigorously promoted the participation of high-end and high-quality enterprises.With two years of gestation, we have a new scale and new height of this year's exhibition.


The exhibition is divided into seven pavilions and one exhibition area: Furniture Boutique (N5 Hall),Furniture and Leather Museum (N7 Hall), Furniture Hardware Hall (N9 Hall), Panel Surface Decorationand Chemical Museum (N10 Hall), mattress Cloth/Latex Home and Materials Museum (W10 Hall),China Good Fabric Hall (E8A/E8B Hall), High-end Software and Machinery Zone (W3 Hall), covering multi-grade multi-level furniture raw and auxiliary materials.

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