Farewell To The Cold, Play Nordic Color

- Dec 14, 2018-

Why are humans here? "Nature has turned a blind eye to this problem. We are in an era where travel is more frequent than ever. Sometimes we even forget the power of nature, but the influence of geopolitical factors on a region has already gone deep into the bone marrow.


Northern Europe, today's most fascinating continent, the long and cold winter, the vast expanse of wilderness, nourishes the unique Nordic and Nordic design.


Home is like someone else. Speaking of Nordic homes, the first time people in China can easily think of "sexuality." If the Japanese are born a lot or are shaped into a face of abstinence, the Nordic is a sexy, blond, tall, darling darling of the creator. How can such a group of people be cold?

In the movie "Budapse Hotel", director Anderson used imagination to reproduce a European, classical, symmetrical, color dream in his eyes... But is that Europe depicted in Zweig's pen? It seems to be too American, too warm, and in the words of a friend of the United States, "too sweet," although I like Anderson very much. Of course, the film shows another piece of Europe. But Europe is not big, and the influence of various countries in art, design and life has been entangled since ancient times. Compared with Western Europe, the Nordic civilization is more natural and more wild, but the personality of the publicity is still inspired by the European classical temperament.


On the black and white gray background, the Nordic people are still romantic and "sentimental", otherwise you look at the colors that jump out from time to time. What's interesting is the kind of feeling that is occasional, a little embarrassing, too much makes people feel tired.

The Danes use the word "HYGGE" to sum up their words. This is their philosophy of happiness. Some aspects of it contain similar restraint and contentment that the Chinese say, but the Chinese are easy to think of it, but HYGGE implies The pursuit of the taste of life, the demand for quality.

The color is also HYGGE, pleasant and beautiful, but it is just right.

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