Feel The Fun Of Color, The Color Scheme Of Home Space

- Dec 12, 2018-

Contrast colors: contrast colors such as red and blue, yellow and green. In the same space, the contrast color can create an impact effect, making the room personality more clear, but not suitable for large areas at the same time.

Similar colors: The colors that are close to each other are similar colors, and they are used in the same room and do not conflict with each other. Combine them to create a more coordinated atmosphere for living room, study or bedroom. Due to changes in color depth and purity, the effects of different similar colors used in the same room will be completely different.

No color system: black, white and gray, the combination effect is obvious. However, using only black and white in the room will appear stiff and cold, so you need to use natural elements such as wood to soften the overall effect, or use red, pink, green and other jumping colors to reduce the original cold effect.

Color matching rule

1, the space color is generally no more than three, white, black is not color.

2, gold, silver can be accompanied by any color, gold does not include yellow, silver does not include gray.

3, the best color matching at home is shallow wall, ground, furniture deep.

4, do not use warm colors in the kitchen, except for the yellow system.

5. The color of the ceiling must be lighter than the wall or the same color as the wall. When the color of the wall is dark, the ceiling must be light. The color of the ceiling can only be white or in the same color as the wall.

6, the space is not closed, must use the same color scheme; different closed spaces, you can use different color schemes.


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