Five Principles Of Catering Brand Design, Do Not Look At You Will Suffer

- Feb 18, 2019-

In the increasingly catering competition, the brand has become an effective means of competition in the catering industry. Some people in the catering industry in the first five years thought that “no design, no restaurant”, and now more and more tend to “no brand, no restaurant”. Why don't you open a restaurant without a restaurant brand design? Today, I would like to share with you the five principles of catering brand design. I hope everyone will see the results.


As everyone knows, people are most afraid of streaking when they go out. Nowadays, if there is no brand, it is like streaking. There is no connotation and no attraction. Brands are like giving food and beverage packaging the same as magic. Shenzhen Yi Ding Design does not exaggerate the influence of the brand, because a good brand is like a booster for a food and beverage track.

Some people say that even if the Coca-Cola Company is closed, as long as it has the Coca-Cola brand, it will be able to make a comeback with this brand in the third and fifth years. A good catering brand is exactly the same. To be a brand, you must follow the following five basic rules from the planning of catering brands.


First, the actual situation of the restaurant, do not exaggerate

Word of mouth is tasted by the mouth of the consumer, and the consumer has the final say, not by blowing, by brushing the ticket. Therefore, what kind of promotion planning and promotion of catering enterprises must be done on the basis of reality, do not exaggerate at will, the contemporary Internet information is convenient, if it is not consistent with the product itself, once the information spreads on the Internet and in the crowd, the word of mouth collapses. It will definitely take a long time to eliminate the negative effects.

Second, do not do the net red of the moment, and strive to be a permanent amnesty

The current red store is booming, and the traffic is wave after wave. It seems that the store is booming. However, the red store is also subject to the test of the public. It is very happy to meet you, Miss Zhao is not equal, Huang Taiji and so on. It was also closed for a while. After all, opening a restaurant is for the customer, not for the industry. There are many good categories in China. It was originally very developmental. It may be because the founder is too much to express himself, want to be famous in the industry, and finally kill the category.

Third, to create a star product, it is best to have a single item drainage

The focus of any catering brand planning should be the core product of the restaurant. It is best to reflect the star products in the menu and restaurant name, recommend and strengthen this star dish to consumers to enhance consumer awareness and achieve drainage.

Fourth, build a brand story

It is best for each brand to have its own unique brand story. This kind of restaurant not only allows consumers to feel the joy of the tongue when they eat, but also get emotional and spiritual culture to make people remember the different restaurants. Connotation, so that eating will not appear very pale.

Fifth, the marketing activities must continue, the brand can grow

It’s not a cold day, no matter what kind of brand, what kind of brand, and ultimately want to be a long-term development of the enterprise, rather than overnight fame. To make the company's systems, capabilities, and organization of the entire company can keep up with the speed of enterprise development. If a new food and beverage brand wants to have a place in the market forever, it should be exposed from time to time in the consumer crowd, otherwise even if your brand is no better, you will not appear, consumers will forget you.

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