For A High And Practical Fabric Sofa, I Chose The Entire Furniture City.

- Nov 19, 2018-

When it comes to sofas, I believe that everyone is familiar with three categories: fabric sofas, solid wood sofas, and leather sofas. However, according to the situation around Xiao Er, more than 80% of friends prefer the fabric sofa. So what are the advantages of the fabric sofa? How should I buy it? Take a look!


                                                      The advantages of cloth sofa

1. The fabric sofa is rich in color and has many styles, which is convenient for matching with the interior decoration style.


▲ fabric sofa

2. Fabric sofas are more affordable than pure solid wood and leather sofas, and the practicality is not bad.


3. Fabric sofa is easy to clean and does not require frequent maintenance.


4. Fabric sofa is soft and flexible.

                                                   Cloth sofa frame

At present, there are many brands of fabric sofas on the market, and the quality is also uneven. The most painful thing to buy furniture is the contrast. As the saying goes, "There is no harm without comparison." Some people can use three generations of sofas at home, but some people buy them and go back for more than a year. Sitting down as if to be careful on the edge of the sofa on the shelf. The reason is that there is a problem with the sofa frame.


 ▲ solid wood frame

The frame has a supporting effect on the sofa, which determines the bearing capacity of the sofa to a certain extent, and its quality has a great relationship with the length of the sofa.


Frame material classification


The frame material of the fabric sofa is mainly divided into three categories: metal material, solid wood material and wood-based panel.


Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, the metal frame sofa is relatively affordable, and the weight is lighter than the solid wood sofa, but the durable and practical family can be considered.


The price of the solid wood frame sofa is relatively expensive, but the material is environmentally friendly and has a long service life.


▲ solid wood frame


The wood-based panel is the most widely used of the three materials, and the production process is simple. It is roughly divided into three categories: particleboard, fiberboard and plywood, of which plywood is an excellent material for the main frame.


Cloth sofa fabric


The classification of fabric sofa fabrics is also very rich. According to the composition, it can be roughly divided into: polyester (synthetic fiber), nylon (nylon), high density NC cloth, 3M waterproof mousse cloth, cotton and linen, etc. .


For example, polyester has high strength, relatively good wear resistance and heat resistance, but relatively poor gas permeability and water absorption.

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