Foresee The 2019 丨 Brand Survival Of The Fittest

- Dec 29, 2018-

At the end of the year, it was time for people to take stock of the year and make plans for the New Year. The same is true of the home circle that has been reshuffled in the market in 2018. Looking back over the past year, consumers have a new understanding and demand for their homes because of their broader vision. They have different expectations and aspirations for the market; the demanding screening of home improvement companies in the first round and higher In the service requirements, or eliminated by the market, or grow strong; the home brand will focus on a broader field, replenish its own energy, the whole house customization and design innovation is becoming a mainstream trend... in complex and changeable, yet In every home industry that is closely related to ordinary people, everyone changes constantly because of changes in each other.

Pay attention to those happy and troubles related to people's home days, discover the growth and problems in the home improvement furniture market, explore the development and innovation in the home industry, and share the joys of sharing home and life. Looking back at 2018, foresee 2019.

【consumer market】

Quality and service are still the winning rules. Design innovation has gradually become a magic weapon.

In 2018, it was just 40 years of reform and opening up. With the development of consumption upgrading, the changes in the home market also reflected the higher demands on household products and services. The consumption trend of the rapidly growing middle-income group is to purchase high-end, new-type goods, and the enjoyment and development-oriented consumption trends led by automobile, housing, insurance, education, and tourism are gradually taking shape.

As a result, people's requirements for the home environment are also basically completed by the road guerrillas. The ceiling, soft wall, wooden wall skirt, combination cabinet and porcelain floor tiles are the main decorative elements, and the decoration is more complete. The solution is close. Nowadays, consumers not only demand design and construction quality, but also pay more attention to experience, personalization, environmental protection and other aspects. In terms of transforming the home environment, consumers are involved in the brand, value, Higher requirements are put forward in terms of lifestyle, process experience, whole house customization, non-toxic and environmental protection.

Whether the experience of the decoration process is smooth and whether the purchased furniture has high quality has become a direct factor affecting consumer judgment. On this basis, the innovation and personalization of the design has become a plus item of the product. Faced with such changes in demand, many home improvement companies and home furnishing brands are also looking for their own way out. On the one hand, they are guaranteed in terms of quality and service. On the other hand, they are also actively seeking breakthroughs in the design field, eager to adopt different past appearances. Get the attention of consumers. Cooperating with well-known designers to develop new products, customizing the whole house, and paying attention to independent original designers have become the main trends in the 2018 furniture home improvement brand.

Development will always face problems and dilemmas. On the one hand, consumption upgrades have promoted the rapid growth of many companies, and on the other hand, some brands have been left outside the market.

[Home improvement business]

The trend of dressing is intensifying. Consumer demand guides home improvement companies to increase their capabilities.

In recent years, the hot situation of the whole house customization in the market has also made a lot of home improvement companies be very active in this regard. I want to make all the big things in the family all the time, and become the development trend of more and more enterprises. All kinds of decoration services, nowadays have to be linked to the whole installation, as if the company can not do the whole installation, it can not be called "renovation."

Aiming at the high-end field, Dongyi Risheng has launched a full range of home improvement products along the custom route that the public is most concerned about. The production scope of its own factory covers wooden products such as doors, cabinets, cloakrooms, bedroom furniture, glass and aluminum alloy products. The matching "electrostatic powder coating technology" products add points to environmental protection; refine the peak decoration of the consumer group, and start from the two lines of Novartis products and "all inclusive", want to be in different ways Different positionings have taken down the size of the family at one time; the current decoration of the old-fashioned house has not been left behind, and its Ingram Micro Installation Experience has earned a lot of imported main materials, which means that its own factory and logistics can simultaneously Meet multiple delivery requirements...

Obviously, consumers want to worry about the needs, home improvement enterprises have become a big package here, although the wish is good, but because of the new test brought by the decoration service to the home improvement company, the brand needs to continue to grow new skills. And skill. A large number of plates enter the home, can the indoor air quality meet the standard? Want to provide consumers with a quality home environment and lifestyle, is it possible to have the design capabilities of the whole house and not just the construction capacity? With a large number of orders, the company can guarantee the quality and follow up with the delivery and after-sales service.

In the past year, some home improvement enterprises have been striving for high-quality services and have gained consumers' reputations. Some companies have been rushed to occupy the market and have been "sustained". I believe that those brands that are still in a stable and enthusiastic state in the market are a group that stands out from the market reshuffle. In 2019, they will be icing on the cake, consolidating their roots and improving themselves in every step of steady and steady operation. skill.

Internet home improvement survival of the fittest Over-marketing leads to service quality

On the one hand, the transformation and upgrading of many traditional old-fashioned home improvement enterprises, on the other hand, the Internet home improvement and the emerging small-scale home improvement enterprises that have risen and retreated in the past two years have once again completed the reshuffle of the survival of the fittest after time verification. Some companies that once had a loud advertising campaign closed out and quietly exited the market. Some companies that were once optimistic about investors were frequently questioned, and some barely maintained brands were still unable to handle the high complaint rate.

In the past 2018, Internet home improvement ushered in a significant elimination moment. Dozens of home improvement companies in Guangdong have been running, the project manager has no way to pay, the owner's decoration has been forced to stop work, designers have left, and the Guangzhou branch of the company including mud, lemon tree decoration, cat house decoration and so on disappeared. For the well-known consumers, your home decoration, apple decoration, etc. have been stopped and reported.

The reason behind this is that some insiders said: “In order to be able to make a quick profit, some small and medium-sized home improvement companies are eager to start their own popularity in the market, and continue to put ads to gain the trust of consumers, thus obtaining a large number of orders. The result of the dramatic increase is likely to be that the service level cannot keep up, and the consumer’s money is collected, but the agreed construction is not completed.” Internet home improvement companies eager to enter a large number of consumers do not have the corresponding number of foremen In the case of workers, there will be a situation in which a foreman is responsible for multiple construction sites and one worker runs a number of times a day. Rough construction and perfunctory things happen.

In fact, not only Internet home improvement companies, unscrupulous expansion and unrealistic over-marketing often lead to the collapse of brands. The reshuffle of this market is undoubtedly also for consumers to screen out the enterprises with real high-quality decoration ability, thus providing a truly worry-free and assured service.

Intelligent technology blessing, refined decoration process to protect the home

Of course, with the increasing accessibility of the Internet and science and technology, many companies have applied it appropriately to management and services, providing clear instructions and requirements for a more refined construction process. Under the blessing of smart technology and digital information, some home improvement companies have also taken a new direction for the future development.

In the view of Chen Hui, the chairman of Dongyi Risheng Home Decoration Group, the current home improvement enterprises are facing the problems of increasing cost and expenses, which leads to the continuous increase of home improvement prices. Most enterprises do not have the ability to informatize and digitize, and lack effective operational control measures. In addition, the basic talents are seriously lacking, and the technical talents are insufficient. There are many problems such as low marketing efficiency, low conversion rate and obstacles in delivery. Digitalization is an important way to improve the efficiency of the home improvement industry. Dongyi Risheng will focus on technology-based home improvement, that is, through Internet marketing tools to help manufacturers improve the efficiency of marketing customers; use digital design systems to improve the efficiency of sales conversion, ensure accurate docking in the background; through the home improvement SAAS management system To ensure good delivery of the project.

The technical means was also implanted into the home improvement service. The space that was previously labeled as "Internet home improvement" was adjusted, and the pace of adjustment focused on the consumer experience and the standardization of landing delivery. Subdividing processes, processes, and methods, using a variety of App such as Love Chat, Xiong Shifu, and Love Space to implement real-time supervision on the construction site, monitoring the construction status of each site through the system, and discovering that it is necessary to re-construct when it does not meet the standard. Achieve "standardized" delivery.

It is not difficult to foresee that in the future development of home improvement enterprises, based on quality service, more and more intelligent technologies will assist brands and consumers to play a more delicate and beautiful home environment. More precise and efficient decoration process and continuous evolution.

[home brand]

The whole house is customary. Who has the real Kung Fu market?

The home improvement model is popular in the home improvement market, and the customization service in the furniture industry is not lost. The whole house has been quite popular in the market, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Furniture brands with high, medium and low positioning have moved closer to each other. Enterprises across different home furnishing areas are moving towards customization. Customized areas are specially opened in the stores and exhibitions, which also indicates that customized furniture has become a consumer. The mainstream products that people care about.

Of course, the most lively places in the market are often the most problematic areas. Problems such as unprofessional design, chaotic pricing, inaccurate measurement, high production error rate, and untimely delivery have repeatedly occurred, and the “latecomers” who have entered the field of custom furniture have not lacked wisdom and strong manufacturing to support thousands of households. There is no stable and leading design capability to meet the individual requirements of different consumer groups. Consumers' understanding of the whole house customization has become more and more profound, and the requirements for functionality and design are becoming more and more strict, which has made many custom furniture brands embark on the road of self-breakthrough.

Customized old Feimei furniture, which has always been known for its high environmental protection and high quality service, has gradually developed and improved in the design direction. The solid and powerful manufacturing end provides possibilities for various designs. The newly introduced pass-through machining center has broken. Traditional panel furniture can only be used as a straight line to bring any shape to the consumer. Zhou Kaijun, general manager of Feimei Furniture, said that in the future, it will focus on the development of product design, so that the product has both function and beauty; insist on positioning high-end consumption Bolini Home Group, its CEO Cai Ming focuses on exploring lifestyles, providing personalized whole house customization, which is different from the zero-design, low-configuration pseudo-customized brand in the market... On the other hand, there are many mature finished furniture brands. They are also gradually showing their own patterns on the road of exploring customization. Including Qumei Home, Top 100 Furniture, Meikemeijia and other brands, not only in the design and manufacture of finished furniture, but also in the field of decoration accessories, soft decoration design.

In the new year, there will be a spoiler in the custom furniture market or a strong competitor. It remains to be seen.

Taking advantage of the trend to embrace the "new retail" lifestyle has become a shining sign

When people's focus on household products is no longer limited to the products themselves, but to the lifestyle and life attitudes associated with them, home furnishing companies are no longer limited to selling furniture products in the traditional sense, but connecting daily life. With the more fragmented home and small things, become the shaper of life.

In the past year, many home furnishing companies have followed the concept of “new retail” and launched transformation and upgrading in different directions. The home that is familiar to consumers, gradually realizes the transformation from big home to big consumption. It is located in the real home of Lize business district, MALL, blending Fukang old-age town, Yisheng fitness, Yaolai Chenglong Ying City and other multi-format services, Wang Ning, president of Beijing Real Home Furnishing Chain Group Co., Ltd., this is also the upgrade of home furnishing enterprises from low-frequency consumption to high-frequency consumption; the home of wisdom in Jinyuan’s home is also passed Technology empowerment becomes more flexible and interesting. What trends in the home of 2019 will directly affect the lives of consumers is still worth looking forward to.

Persevering in the quality of life of consumers, Qumei Home, which has always been design-oriented, also joined hands with Jingdong this year. It is located in the Living Mall of Qumei Jingdong, located in the North Fifth Ring Road. It integrates daily museums, lifestyle expo and other beautiful things. Imagine that the spatial form of the combination of the pan-home brand area, the living model room, and the restaurant rest area came into being.

"No matter how the market changes, people's consumption experience and consumption content must be upgraded." Zhao Ruihai, chairman of Qumei Home Group, said, "Precise identification and insight, efficient access to users, and creation of high-quality scenes." The ability of content will be an important condition for excellent brands to be in the leading position in the future."

Inspirational innovation is on the go. Does it “design” become a market assessment element?

Looking back at 2018, whether in different store platforms or in domestic and foreign exhibitions, it can be found that design is affecting the development direction of more and more home brands with its unique value. In the context of the gradual improvement of consumers' aesthetic taste, design has become a non-negligible point in home furnishing enterprises, and has become a key to opening consumers' homes.

This year, HIGHLINE, which is labeled with “HC28 to create products”, is freshly introduced, and the modern style is interpreted as a new look. Aibo Furniture’s modernity is active in the market with its smart silhouette, youthful vitality and vivid colors. The MHC, which insists on the Italian-style luxury style, is constantly innovating in the design dimension; it is aimed at the Qumei home of the younger consumer groups, and has a rich cooperation with cross-border designers; the low-key and restrained Suyuan furniture, with excellent design A large number of fans of their own... At the same time, original furniture brands including DOMO nature, Mumei, and acf:home can capture the wonderful design inspiration and creative ingenuity. Every effort has been made to bring good design to the public. Wang Mingliang, founder and director of Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., said: “The promotion of various home brands this year is very significant. The moment of Chinese manufacturing and Chinese design and international comparison has arrived.”

Good design can always add to the glory of life. As consumers pay more and more attention to the design of home products, it is not difficult to foresee. If furniture companies are still limited to satisfy basic manufacturing and services, they cannot open the vision of design. Become the object of market elimination.

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