Guangdong's Home Appliance Industry Accelerates Toward Intelligence

- Dec 24, 2018-

In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China's household electrical appliances have undergone rapid changes from scratch, from shortage to popularization, from domestic to overseas. In the first three quarters of 2018, China's four major households produced almost the world's largest output. The output of color TVs in the first three quarters was 141.835 million units, air conditioning was 1,601,140 units, washing machine output was 51.471 million units, and refrigerator production was 60.167 million units.

As a frontier of reform and opening up, Guangdong has played an important role in the history of China's home appliance development. In the 1990s alone, in the area of Ronggui Town, Shunde, Guangdong Province, which was only 80 square kilometers, Galanz, Rongsheng, Kelon, Wanjiale, Midea, etc. were born. A number of Guangdong home appliance brands, Rong Gui has thus become a well-known home appliance town. "The majority of the 'four big pieces' of home appliances bought by the people of the whole country are produced here," said Zhu Zhongwen, the mayor of Shunde Ronggui Town.

At present, Guangdong's home appliance manufacturing has become an important pillar of the Guangdong economy. Even if it is global, the output value of the Guangdong home appliance industry can also account for half of the total. After 40 years of turbulence, in this highland, led by Gree and Midea, the Guangdong home appliance industry is entering an intelligent era.

First break through independent manufacturing

At the beginning of reform and opening up, with the opening of the country, various foreign cultures entered, Chinese consumers began to understand and feel the great attraction of home appliances, but due to the backwardness of the domestic appliance manufacturing industry and the shortage of import channels, home appliances are extremely scarce. .

At that time, consumers also need to pay for the purchase of home appliances, the entire home appliance industry is in short supply, in order to buy a home appliance, consumers have to squeeze their heads. It is in this context that this land in Guangdong has spawned many home appliance companies, and they have become crab-eaters.

Industrial agglomeration

The rapid development of the home appliance industry directly led to intensified market competition. After the cruel price war in the late 20th century, a large number of enterprises with backward management and small scale collapsed. The rest of the enterprises chased after you, expanded the scale, grabbed the market, and were born. A group of home appliance giants.

Constantly moving towards the new node of "intelligence"

"We regard Gree mobile phone as an entrance to smart home. We look forward to the future. The mobile phone is used by itself, and it can control the whole set of household products." Dong Mingzhu explained this for Gree's thinking on mobile phones.

Today, Gree's products are no longer limited to air conditioners. In addition to air conditioning, Gree washing machines, refrigerators, rice cookers, mobile phones and other products have "flyed into" thousands of households. For the future, Dong Mingzhu has his own vision: all home products related to home appliances are expected to be fully covered. When they are well integrated, these products can be better integrated and controlled, and better interact with users to adapt to the current improvement of consumer quality and the pursuit of healthy green life.

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