Home E-commerce Smart Technology Completed Millions Of Angel Round Financing

- Jan 04, 2019-

Keep up with the consumption upgrade, and launch the new retail market

Zhishen Technology's founding team has a strong e-commerce gene. Founder Shao Shibin was the assistant to the president of the company and the director of the O2O business unit. In 2014, he founded the O2O experience hall for the first time. The company's management team has two former operations directors and brand directors of Tmall's head store, as well as a technical director who has experienced the development of UF software. When such a team explored the relatively traditional industry of home furnishing, Shao Shibin focused on the process construction, ensuring information control from research and development, production and operation to sales and after-sales.


Since last year, the supply chain has become a hot word in the home industry. More and more entrepreneurs are pouring into this track, and Shao Shibin has not looked at B2B and supply chain. He has relied on his own e-commerce and new retail for many years. The understanding of the strategic focus of Zhiran Technology is set on the new retail of high-quality home.

Content is king, the home e-commerce 3.0 era is coming

Shao Shibin believes that the growth of home e-commerce can be divided into three stages:

The 1.0 era from 2009 to 2012 is based on product + operation. At this stage, the platform traffic is in an outbreak period. Good products and strong operational capabilities are the key to the success of home e-commerce. At this stage, a group of e-commerce brands represented by Lin's wood industry has risen rapidly.

The 2.0 era of 2012-2016 is based on search traffic. At this stage, the platform traffic is in a period of steady growth, with quality home as the main focus, emphasizing online visual effects and product tonality. At this stage, a number of new home brands represented by You Fan Art have been achieved.

In the 3.0 era after 2017, content marketing is the mainstay. At this stage, the platform traffic dividend period is over, online homes are facing a major reshuffle, and the role of content marketing in business operations is becoming more and more important. At the same time, Tmall and other e-commerce platforms will give online and offline access. More support for the head home brand.

In Shao Shibin's view, the arrival of Home E-commerce 3.0 will be an opportunity for enterprises such as Zhicai Technology to achieve rapid growth, and it may also be the last window of the rapid breakthrough of home e-commerce. He said that technology is not just a home e-commerce company, but e-commerce is the starting point to ensure better efficiency. Next, Zhicai Technology will make more efforts in optimizing the flow, efficiency, informationization, product strength, supply chain process, brand consumer touch, product strength improvement, etc. in the industry, and also in the new retail of home. Think more on the road. Shao Shibin revealed that since November 2018, the company's monthly GMV is nearly 10 million. According to the current model, Zhishang Technology is expected to achieve 200 million revenue next year.

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