How Should Home Industry Enterprises Embrace The Arrival Of The Zero-boundary Business Era?

- Dec 29, 2018-

1 Zero-Boundary Business Era: Analysis of the Cornerstone of the Future

The entire business community has entered the era of zero-boundary business competition, as has the home industry. The premise that things are distinguished from each other is the existence of boundaries or boundaries. In this world where everything is dependent, the boundaries are only relative. The so-called zero boundary means that everything that is called or can be understood as a boundary is transcended or merged. Whether it is material, spiritual or technical.

Today, all kinds of borders suddenly open, and the new competitive boundaries become so broad that even in our vision today, we are unable to determine the boundaries.

The home industry competition has begun to enter such an era.

It turns out that we are competing and developing within a limited border. As long as we have unique cheats in some aspects, we generally have our place, but today, this has begun to become ineffective.

Perhaps the zero border is the reality of today.

In the home industry competition where the border cannot be determined today, how should home enterprises think about the future? How to deal with the present?

This topic will be the subject of my 2019 lecture and the cornerstone theory for analyzing the changes in the home industry in the next five years.

2 About stores and brands: don't look at the past

The strategic cooperation between Red Star Macalline and Tencent has released the intelligent marketing platform IMP, which has cooperated with Ali to open up online and offline. The two giants are giving us an answer. Perhaps, it was the Internet development of online e-commerce-driven stores. But today, the mutual empowerment of the giants and the giants, we can already draw a basic conclusion. In the future, the home vertical platform enterprise Red Star Macalline and the home of the home will be in the future home retail, even the zero boundary competition of industrial transformation. Drive the development of the home industry.

Things are still evolving.

3 Regarding customization and finishing, please look at their evolution from a retail perspective.

I wrote in the first half of the article that "customized channelization will produce Chinese-style IKEA", and there is a whole article on channelization. I use the retail perspective to think about the evolution of the two, and their final integration. It is also inevitable and is the mainstream mode of the future home industry. But use the retail concept to think about their development, and think about the layout from a retail perspective, because understanding with the retail concept is to understand and connect users. But this is a long evolutionary process and has not seen a real precedent for success.

4 About brands and products

We have to redefine brands and products in the zero-boundary era. How do brands evolve from virtual attributes to technical attributes and product attributes? After the brand evolves, there will be three major qualities:

A, super fragile

B, super entrance

C, self-evolution and self-recession

The value of the brand in the future depends on how the brand understands the user.

5 Business model of the technical concept

I especially want to mention the technical concept, which is one of the most important dimensions of my research.

Technology is a hard trend. One of the cornerstones of all business model changes is the innovation of technology.

In the past 200 years, science and technology have been accelerating development, and more and more in-depth impact on human production and life. Especially with information technology, with the development of the Internet, it can even be said that the boundaries between technology and people are becoming more and more blurred, and more and more integration begins. In the future, the high-end of technological products, the artificial robots of artificial intelligence, will be with humans. coexist.

Kevin Kelly, a well-known American technology media person, said in the best-selling book "Out of Control: New Biology in Machines, Society, and Economy," there are two trends between artifacts and natural life: one is artifacts. It is more and more like a living body; the second is that natural life is becoming more and more engineered. Please note that Kevin Kelly's book was published in 1994. After more than 20 years of development, this trend is more obvious, and the problems it brings are more prominent.

In the history of technology development, there is a trend of more and more, we continue to use technology development to drive product innovation, through product innovation to extend people's thinking and skills, and with the development of technology, technology ideas and functions are coming The more you integrate with others, the more you integrate and evolve.

And business, in such a trend, is constantly evolving and evolving.


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