How To Design A Restaurant: You Need To Remember These 8 Tips

- Feb 17, 2019-

1, restaurant color

Psychologists have long revealed the important effects of color on our brains. Color and its impact are an interesting topic, and this is also a controversial aspect of marketing. Colors give our brains a different feeling, and they also have an impact on our bodies.

While you may have a great dining concept, image and correct goals, don't forget the importance of choosing the right restaurant color as it will have a major impact on the psychology of your guests.

2, restaurant lighting

Lighting is a more important factor than most people can realize. In public places, such as restaurants, it becomes even more important. Appropriate lighting can enhance the texture of the restaurant furniture, cover up the hustle and bustle, and enhance the overall dining experience of the customer.

In addition, lighting is the primary factor in attracting customers. Bright and attractive lighting appeals to passers-by with a warm look. Once they enter your restaurant, the interior lights can continue to warm their minds and stomach.

Reasonable restaurant lighting options not only affect the style of the furniture, but are also essential to creating an atmosphere.

Warm light, not cold light, will bring warmth to your restaurant space. Putting the right lights on each table encourages easy and enjoyable conversations between customers. Cold light actually increases the voice of the customer! So don't forget: successful restaurant design depends largely on the lighting.

3, restaurant music

Music has an important influence on restaurant guests. Many studies have shown that background music not only makes employees happier, but also improves the image of the restaurant and stimulates the appetite of customers.

4, aroma

The power of the aroma is amazing. Our sense of smell is the memory of the individual. The right scent can evoke memories of past experiences and stimulate appetite for anyone.

Our sense of smell is much stronger than many people realize. So, a key factor in your food and beverage marketing plan is to consider smell.

5, the bathroom

Many restaurants have completely forgotten this topic. But the bathroom is really very important. Never forget!

Although this seems obvious, we have seen many restaurant owners invest heavily in high-quality products and promotions, but not a penny for the bathroom. You need to make sure that the bathroom is comfortable and clean, and that it is a good idea to make the bathroom smell comfortable. It is also important to ensure that all doors are locked.

6, restaurant layout

You don't need to sell products as you did before, but you have to create a good space, focus on the products or services you want to sell, and how it relates to customers.

Our goal is to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by visual merchandising and replace passive merchandise sales with a proactive approach. To do this, you need to plan your restaurant layout.

This is what so-called “visual marketing” does, and it can use space to increase the value of your products and services to maximize profitability.

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