How To Do A Good Home E-commerce?

- Feb 07, 2019-

The development of furniture e-commerce has become more mature at this stage. Furniture companies can say that they are fully open to e-commerce. There are many platforms and there are large platforms such as Jingdong and Tmall.


Different e-commerce and platform scales are different, their strengths are different, their business methods, products and concepts are different. They can all develop their own magic weapon. Of course, a lot of mouth guns on the market, Taobao furniture store business said that as long as one stroke is enough, the product price is king, a trick to eat all over the sky, as low as others can not think of, and then keep brushing The single brush ranking is just fine. Others say that as long as you have money, you are willing to pay for traffic. Only a few large e-commerce brands talk about customer management, overall display experience, brand operations and supply chain management of furniture e-commerce, talking about product quality, design and functionality.

Some furniture e-commerce companies are dealers equivalent to offline stores. They are purely individuals who open stores on public platforms and purchase goods everywhere. Some companies open brand online flagship stores, not only online sales, but also a large number of physical store drainage. Sales, build O2O e-commerce model; now there are many new vertical e-commerce platforms, some are self-operated, some are open, mainly for the furniture industry enterprises, dealers open, have their own traffic; and so on. Compared with the traditional furniture store, the electric store has a large capacity, can put more products, or an unlimited number of products, but most of them are single product pictures, lack of physical experience, and lack of overall space experience, is to see the consumption of pictures, There are many electric stores that may be just single-item sales. They rely on the development of single-products, low-cost production, and good craftsmanship. Therefore, they pay more attention to the continuous improvement of the process and functionality of the products themselves, without paying attention to other furniture. Matching with room space.

From the perspective of today's e-commerce sales, e-commerce companies are generally declining. In this respect, the experts said that the economic environment has entered a period of depression, and the decline in sales is universal and normal. On the other hand, there is a difference between the development of furniture e-commerce and the current consumption demand.

The development of furniture e-commerce to the present stage can be said to be relatively mature, but there are still many previous ideas for pure e-commerce sales, not to do quality control, not to operate the brand, not to manage the customer, etc. Mainly, there is a significant difference between the market demand for the whole house customization and the whole assembly. The defects of single item sales or the jigsaw consumption of the series of furniture pieces are enlarged. In the past furniture e-commerce, consumers have no requirements for quality and after-sales. Even many consumers can tolerate small damage, but now it is not good, not only the quality of the products and the service of delivery and installation, but also the experience of the products. Have higher requirements.

Therefore, some experts pointed out that future business opportunities are in physical stores.

From the perspective of e-commerce, the current trend is that e-commerce brands are moving offline and opening physical experience stores. It can be seen that at the professional furniture exhibition, the e-commerce brand Daxie promoted its offline entry to open physical store projects, such as Lin's wood industry to implement offline offline franchise stores. In addition, in order to open more offline stores, e-commerce brands will invest together with dealers. Some of these stores are physical dealers to join the e-commerce brand in the professional store store, some open in large supermarkets, the bustling shopping mall in the city, some open independent living museums, and some open community stores through opinion leaders, community groups The main promotion and sales and so on. In general, the combination of online and offline, from the past offline enterprises to the online, to now a large number of online brands go offline, are creating a new retail model of their own brand.

Online and offline combination is the way out

In fact, pure e-commerce sales are becoming more and more difficult, costly, and unable to compete with large e-commerce traffic. Many new vertical e-commerce platforms, whether self-operated or open, or both, are more likely to be sold. More is to promote sales under the line, combined with physical stores, community promotion and other methods.

Secondly, a large number of furniture e-commerce has intensified competition, not to mention the numerous furniture e-commerce stores. At present, furniture companies have been fully open to e-commerce control, and furniture e-commerce has also appeared saturated or even surplus, traffic competition, procurement competition, Service competition and so on, many businesses share online sales, naturally need better products, better experience and services to gain an advantage. Seeing the sales competition of the Double Eleven is very typical. In addition to the explosion of the e-commerce company, there is an important job in preparing the funds. It is necessary to prepare sufficient purchase flow and key time to follow the sales forecast. Cash. As soon as the sales volume of the Double Eleven was announced, many people were concerned about how much water was sold in a certain company.

Third, the new retail re-experience, paying attention to the closest distance of goods from the manufacturing end to the consumer end, then in addition to the relatively convenient consumption mode, e-commerce is not very experiential for the highly space-oriented commodities such as furniture. For consumers who do not completely pursue the price advantage, the experience is mostly based on physical stores. The main propaganda of the furniture e-commerce O2O model is online display, offline experience, and place orders everywhere.

Fourth, the online brand develops offline, and the physical store is no longer the same as the previous furniture companies to open franchise stores, looking for dealers to go to the professional hypermarket to open the store, but there are other options, the brand's own flagship store Most of them are independent experience halls. The franchise stores are encouraged to enter the city shopping malls, large supermarkets, communities, etc., or brand independent experience stores, and grasp the essence of consumption experience with great precision. Consumers are not interested in going to the professional home hypermarket to go shopping, but it is not exclusive to the large-scale shopping center in the city center.

In addition, the new home vertical store platform wants to get traffic and sales, and the doctrines are all online and offline. Launch a physical store dealer to operate, cooperate with the branded companies, and cooperate with real estate developers.

Overall, the O2O model of furniture e-commerce to the online and offline combination is indeed the trend of the times, but also the requirements of new retail development. Jingdong and Alibaba are actively looking for offline cooperation, going from online to offline. All of the furniture sales based on the new retail model innovation can not be separated from the physical experience, the difference is how the physical store opened, experience how to build it.

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