Industrial Style, Showing The Rough Original Beauty

- Dec 19, 2018-

Case Name: Ture Initial Space

Main materials: wooden floor, imitation culture stone brick, black iron staircase, black iron pipeline, plastic metal frame, black glass, clear glass, beautiful metal plate - vintage beech, rust iron gate, KOHLER bathroom, Hunter Douglas curtain...


The LOFT style gradually became a fashionable interior style in the late twentieth century. The most striking feature of LOFT is the spacious and transparent space, which is generally a double-decked duplex structure with stairs and beams that resemble dramatic stage effects. The empty and quiet space gives the occupants a great imagination, filled with the atmosphere of freedom and casualness, and is an ideal office for people in the Internet, creative design and other industries. The case has fully utilized the characteristics of the LOFT style, transforming the originally narrow office space into a comfortable and comfortable space through the LOFT-style spacing and decoration style.

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In a small space, the designer uses LOFT-style features to present a small space, exposes the original rude pipeline, paints the surface and uses the characteristics of the line to stretch the space, revealing the original beauty of the structure and material.


With LOFT as the design spindle, the use of consistent color tones with rich materials, furniture, LOFT style indispensable iron pieces interspersed in the space, modern style is attached to the axis, the proportion in space is not much, but the shortcomings of space One of the indispensable advantages of turning the space into a meticulous, classic LOFT style.


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