Intelligent Transformation Satisfaction Is Not A Seat, But Home Appliances Companies Embrace IOT Is No Way To Go

- Jan 22, 2019-

Over the past 10 years, the ebb and flow of the Internet era, especially after the rise of Jingdong and Ali from the online e-commerce platform, quickly involved in offline store channels to define retail, which makes all home appliance manufacturers understand the truth: the tide of the times Irreversible, the power of the times cannot be underestimated. If you want to live well, you must not only learn to actively embrace the times, but also find your own new living methods in the wave of change of the times.


Nowadays, with the arrival of a new era led by the Internet of Everything, for home appliance manufacturers who have lost or lost their competition in the Internet era, early action and active embrace are the only correct answers. However, in the face of many Internet, IT and even start-ups, cross-border rushing, fierce, frequent, and ever-changing, then home appliance manufacturers embrace the breakthrough of the IOT era, where is it?

The home appliance circle believes that the distance between many home appliance manufacturers and the IOT era is not far away. The same IOT era is no stranger to home appliance manufacturers. You can immediately transform the power of this era into the differentiated competition of home appliance manufacturers to participate in market competition. force.

However, its core is not to stay in the intelligent transformation of products, based on the comprehensive intelligentization and application of a series of technologies such as AI and big data. It is a quick exploration of the convenient, fast and complete design, installation and service of home appliances based on the user's life scene. This will become an important “hands-on” for home appliance companies to seize the initiative in the smart home era.

From home appliances to smart home appliances, this is still based on product effort and performance upgrades, it seems to solve the problem of differentiated competition in home appliances. However, in the past three or five years, the intelligent penetration rate of home appliances has become higher and higher, but many home appliance companies have not won and activated more consumer demand because of intelligence, and have not activated intelligent business value. The core reason is that for users, it does not pay attention to intelligent technology, but also pays attention to what new changes can be brought to life after smart home appliances.

The reality is that for the user, the intelligentization of home appliances can have a relatively limited experience value. At most, the control method of home appliances is from the past “remote control to mobile phones, smart speakers”, but in the corresponding Product experience, as well as repair, maintenance, cleaning and other value-added services, but failed to break through and surprise.

Under this circumstance, the intelligent transformation of China's household electrical appliance industry in the past few years is typical of “thunder and heavy rain”. The enterprise is hot and the market and consumers are very cold. In the end, the market once fell into a “satisfaction”. In the quagmire, there have been few companies in the last three years, directly using intelligence as a differentiated feature selling point to activate users and markets.

Despite this, when home appliances companies embrace IOT, there is no way to go, nor is it a single force. It is still to follow the path of “intelligence” and jump out of the competitive quagmire of product technology and concept rendering, directly based on user life scenarios and consumption. The reality of the upgrade, from the intelligence of a single product to the complete set of life scenarios, modular solutions, allows users to experience the convenience and intelligence brought by the complete set of appliances and integration.

From the point of view of the business model, the biggest change brought about by the complete set of home appliances and integrated sales is the improvement of the bargaining power of enterprises. In addition to paying attention to the price of the product itself, the user pays more attention to the design, construction, commissioning and installation of the complete set of home appliances and the later services. From the perspective of the target group, the sales of the set of home appliances are not only for the newly-installed users, but also include Renewing the old user groups, helping them in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, bedroom and other individual scenes, first experience the smart life brought by intelligence; from the perspective of business transformation, from selling single-unit appliances to selling a set of home appliances Not only a simple number of additions, but also a superposition of sales, promotion and design, installation service capabilities.

In other words, for many home appliance manufacturers, there is no need to worry about the business opportunities and directions of the IOT era. First, the most urgent and easiest to change the sales of home appliances, the pre-marketing of home appliances, and the complete design of home appliances. , installation and service transformation start, take action quickly!

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