Leather Sofa Summer Maintenance

- Sep 19, 2018-

Leather sofas will add a lot of elegance and elegance to the living room. The maintenance of leather sofas is very important. If used for a long time, improper maintenance will fade, obsolete, tarnish, make the leather lack of ductility and make the sofa deform, summer, hot weather, more Should pay attention to the maintenance of the sofa.
First of all, to ensure that the indoor ventilation, too dry or wet will accelerate the aging of leather.
Secondly, the leather sofa should not be placed in direct sunlight, and should not be placed in the place where the air conditioner is directly blown. This will make the leather surface hard, and the direct sunlight will fade the colored leather surface.
In summer, there is much sweat, and the pores of the leather absorb sweat. The high temperature and humidity will cause the organic matter in the sweat to react with the leather and easily produce odor. For this, it should be wiped with a damp rag.
When cleaning the sofa, it is not possible to use an alkaline cleaning solution because it is acid-treated during the skinning process, and the alkalinity causes the softness of the leather to decrease, and wrinkles occur in long-term use.

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