Let The Ordinary Home Not Be Ordinary

- Dec 19, 2018-

Space type: living space - single layer

Location: Taipei City

Space area: 79m2

Main materials: paulownia wood, cedar


The purity of life comes from the ordinary. The brown-toned sofa and the wood-colored coffee table exude elegance in style, and the soft home-style tones with pure white walls give a relaxed and comfortable home experience.


Home is a destination, a harbor where the heart is parked. It can give a person a warm feeling.


Home, definitely not just a place where you can sleep, can eat, and a place with love is called home.

Everyone needs a different home. When the spatial definition is reshaped, the quality and life stories of the home will begin to be re-emphasized. Hong Wenliang's space design actively gives each family a different attitude and values of life. When the design flows through the nib and transforms the lines, happiness also slips down. In the process of listening and understanding, trust and dependence, the occupants open their homes. The loyal desire to understand the symbiosis of the environment and space by guiding the familiar emotions of the "home" life, and by means of more and more clear internalization and evidence, the perception is derived from feelings, and then the feelings are brewed, with a simple A relaxed and connotative attitude to capture the joyful atmosphere of real life.

Starting from the behavioral pattern of life, it is necessary to be interactive, coherent, and needed. With the free activities, the rich emotions between the regions are perceived, and the purpose of living comfort between people and space is achieved. The relative relationship between family members and emotions has become a symbol of the spirit and a belief about life.


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