Luxury Homes Must Have A Quiet Feeling, Touch The Depths Of The Soul

- Dec 14, 2018-

      In this modern city of reinforced concrete, the home has become the warmest harbor, and people always pursue an unconscious luxury for their living, listening to “opening the door is a human fireworks, closing the door is a legacy. The life of the world is independent, the designer perceives the beauty endowed by the space, and interprets the residence of modern urban aesthetics and artistic conception.


      Metal texture and soft lighting, natural texture of stone and wood, these masculine and feminine elements blend together to create a dynamic and dynamic space.

     The living room and dining room are open-plan, in one go. The designer uses the walnut to penetrate the whole space, and the delicate wood and metal enhance the overall temperament of the space. The warmth is divided into the vulgar, the cold one is the prime, the marble is used as the paving of the large area, and the natural one is not. The rule line type extends the spatial vision of different levels, and it is dark and turbulent.



With the sincere love for life, the designer thinks about the elite home situation, using gray as the main color of the whole set of model houses, decorated with orange, like a calm thinker, there is always a righteousness and blood in the heart. Lines, faces, colors, interlacing, the classics of leather goods, the elements of decorative paintings, the deep and rational beauty is infiltrated into the details, showing the wisdom and elegance accumulated through the years.

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