Make Meaningful Democratic Designs

- Dec 20, 2018-

     Democratic design must serve thousands of people, not for a group or a certain part of the people. Democratic design is not a personal show. It can't be completely self-contained. It requires a lot of market research, understanding the needs of customers, and satisfying the public aesthetic.


 “Furniture is a functional item, such as a table to meet certain functions, the cabinet must meet certain functions, and in these functions you should also look for additional functions, look for new added value, it makes sense to be more Think about the value of the furniture itself. Products that are value-oriented for mass consumption are meaningful democratic designs."


     Apple is a classic democratic design. "Apple is already the best mobile phone in the world, and it satisfies the consumption level of most people. It is designed in the context of the industrial design industry chain is very mature."


      The same is true for furniture. When the industrial chain matures to meet the expression of design, the product can hope to be conveyed to more people through democratic design. Shenzhen International Furniture Fair is one of the communication channels in this industry chain.


       However, the current domestic furniture industry chain is not mature enough, which leads to the need for designers to take on more risks. “It’s the designers who are initiating the process and material change. In fact, in the mature situation, the company is doing this. Through market research and research and development, the company brings new materials and new processes to the designers and lets them design new things. "When Wang Haocheng said, "There is no big risk for companies to do this. They have high R&D investment and sufficient funds. If designers or small brands do it, it may lead to brand failure and even affect design. The future development of the division."

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