New Card Deck Sofa Transport And Installation

- Sep 19, 2018-

(1) When the card seat sofa is loaded, unloaded, and handled, it should be handled with care. Do not put it in the place, so it is easy to wear the seat of the card seat, and it is easy to loosen the structure of the entire seat sofa.
(2) It is not suitable for all the positions of the restaurant to be placed on the deck sofa, such as the location where it is often exposed to direct sunlight and the place that is too dry and humid. The seat sofa is easily damaged in these places, reducing the service life of the deck sofa. .
(3) Before the card seat sofa enters the restaurant, the ground decoration should be completed first, and the flatness of the restaurant floor should be ensured. After placing the card seat sofa, shake the sofa to see if it is stable, because the seat sofa is not stable. If it is shaken, it is easy to loosen the internal structure of the card seat and affect the service life of the card seat sofa.
(4) The card seat sofa is often sprinkled with something to forget to clean up, and if the guest does not pay attention to sitting down, it not only affects the sitting feeling, but more importantly, it is easy to wear the sofa fabric, and it is easy to break the inner filling sponge.

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