New Trends And Trends In The Building Materials And Home Furnishing Industry: One-stop Air Outlet Docking

- Jan 08, 2019-

Many local building materials and home furnishing enterprises have been deployed nationwide, and the development momentum cannot be underestimated. At the same time, foreign companies are also stationed. However, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the strength of brand merchants continues to increase, and some small stores lacking scale and characteristics are struggling.


Home stores are shifting from a traditional, single sales model to a large home store that now integrates many products and types. Consumers need a one-stop shopping approach. Therefore, the Yangtze River Delta Decoration City has emerged from the crowd, radiating many cities in the Susong area, providing consumers with nanny-style home services to perfectly solve the needs of home shopping.

Supply chain: big home and platform vendors must have a peak matchup

Different rents in the same category of building materials and homes are still the most common existence. Compared with the cross-border movements of “big home” leaders and followers, e-commerce platforms and physical low-rent store operators compare platform operators to large The deep integration of home building materials is even more “fierce”.

The Yangtze River Delta Decoration City, a collection of first-line brands, Marco Polo, Dongpeng, Mona Lisa, Wrigley, Whale, Hengjie, Jiumu, Nature, European-style wooden doors, Oriental Bangtai, Shi Niman, Boss, NVC Lighting , Op Lighting, AO Smith, Midea Smart Home, All-Friends Home, Far East Cable, Bunny, Moganshan, etc., 660000 square meters of large-scale market capacity, providing consumers with "one-stop" building materials, furniture, household items, etc. Service, to meet the full demand for furniture and building materials around Susie. It can be said that as a large-scale comprehensive professional market tailored for the home building materials industry, the Yangtze River Delta Decoration City e-commerce platform + entity low-rent operation supply chain system has already won the market under the Huimin strategy, further upstream, and horizontal expansion category With one hand down packaged supply, the ambition of the entire supply chain is no longer hidden.

Price end: factory direct supply forms an absolute advantage

Generally speaking, the decoration materials from the factory to the consumer must go through the following processes: factory - logistics - warehouse - physical store - logistics - consumers, which need to go through layers, intermediate logistics costs, storage costs Additional charges such as handling fees, store management fees, sales commissions, and profit points in all links will increase prices.

The Yangtze River Delta Decoration City constantly explores the new model of the home industry, respects the consumer's consumption differences, and leads the consumer's consumption concept. The production and sales terminals are all completed in their own systems. There is no agent to increase the price and there is no intermediate link. This factory-operated model greatly reduces unnecessary costs and provides consumers with more affordable products and convenient home improvement services.

Market chain: segmentation channels will have a foothold

The market space of the entire home building materials industry is very large. In the future, the decorative city with its own product line and production system will have no small development space. The breakthrough of these decorative cities lies in the deepening of the channels, plus the The advantages of the product line can achieve greater survival value in related fields.

There are many homes in the home furnishing industry, but no one company can be recognized by the industry in terms of profitability, scale, and user experience. However, the Yangtze River Delta Decoration City has achieved the “eight unified management model”, unified planning, unified investment, and unification. Service, unified distribution, unified property management, unified e-commerce operation, unified marketing promotion, unified marketing planning, the most professional market operation concept, bringing gold medal service.

Client: Just the temperature sense is the home

Building materials and homes are saying goodbye to the chilly feeling of the year, just the style, just the scene, just the temperature sense will be historically written and embedded in the home space. On October 28th, the Yangtze River Delta Decoration City opened its grand opening and attracted many attentions. Main business: ceramics, sanitary ware, flooring, doors, cabinets, wardrobes, kitchen appliances, ceilings, lamps, electrical appliances, furniture, hardware, sheet gypsum board, strong combination. One-stop wholesale, collection and production base, in one place, the household demand is purchased at one time, the factory direct supply, the preferential price of the goods, and the home improvement save 30%, which greatly saves the consumer's home budget. There are also many wonderful benefits on the spot: a million free gifts, a six-figure car award, and a special star coat, Zhu Zhiwen, the airborne site. The Yangtze River Delta Decoration City offers the best, most convenient and most affordable products. Consumers, let consumers save time, save money, save effort and worry, home renovation, everything is just right.

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