Small Household Appliances Commodity Sampling Failure Rate Of 21.67%

- Jan 22, 2019-

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration released the results of the inspection of small household electrical appliances in the circulation area of Guangdong Province in 2018. It is reported that a total of 300 samples of small household appliances were sampled in this random inspection. Among them, the detection rate of unqualified products was 21.67%.


The reporter learned that the main problems involved in this sampling of unqualified products are signs and instructions, protection against touching parts, leakage current and electrical strength at working temperature, moisture resistance, stability and mechanical hazards, structure, power connection and Items such as external cords, grounding measures, clearances, creepage distances, solid insulation, and energy efficiency ratings are not acceptable.

This sampling test determines that there are 7 small household appliances that are not qualified for protection against live parts, including floor fans, rice cookers, induction cookers, etc. The trademarks produced by Zhongshan Guoling Hardware & Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are Crown Thomson, specifications and models. It is the floor fan of FS4001; the brand name of Jiuyang Century Technology Co., Ltd. is Jiu yong, and the model type is KY-168 intelligent square rice cooker; the trademark of Zhongshan Dongfeng Town Jufu Electrical Appliance Factory is Erfukang, the specification model is Induction cooker for JF-20A1, etc.

An unacceptable leakage current and electrical strength at the operating temperature may result in a shock hazard to the user during normal use of the product. In this spot check, the project found three unqualified small household appliances. Specifically, it is produced by Zhongshan Xiaolan Town Wei Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., the trademark is Vitaland/Wei electrical appliance, the specification model is VL-803 soya-bean milk machine; Shenzhen Aoding Kang Technology Co., Ltd. produces the trademark ODINK Odingkang, The model is A-K3028's foot massager (a new generation of Meizubao); the trademark of Zhongshan Nantou Town Jingyao Hardware & Electric Appliance Factory is Jingyao, the model type is JY-BMB017, the pumping type electric kettle and disinfection pot combination type. appliance.

This sampling inspection determines that there are 10 small household appliances that are resistant to moisture and are not involved in liquid heaters, soymilk machines, multi-functional broken wall health food machines, etc.; specifically, the products produced by Guangdong Skyline Electric Co., Ltd. are trademarks of Skyline TONZE, specifications. Model BJH-180J liquid humidifier (health pot), the commodity production unit has rectified and changed the appearance of the newly listed goods; Foshan Shunde Mingwei Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. produced the trademark Taotao Taotao Bear The electric kettle (health pot) with the specification model number is TW-804; the trademark produced by Guangdong Sky Electric Co., Ltd. is SKYZE, the liquid heater (multi-function electric kettle) with the specification model BJH-150F.

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