Smart Home Entrance Dispute Or Slowdown, Ecological And Whole House Intelligence Will Be The Key Words

- Jan 09, 2019-

Looking back at the smart home market in 2018, smart speakers are still hot, and more new products are added, such as Huawei's AI smart speaker xiaoyi, glory YOYO smart speaker, Tencent jingle smart screen speaker, etc. In the eyes of giants, the "entry-level" products of the smart home industry, smart speakers are still popular, and the "entry dispute" is still one of the hot words of the smart home market in 2018.

Is it reliable to use the speaker as the “entrance” of the smart home?


In the whole house smart home plays the role of artificial intelligence life assistant and intelligent equipment control center. The “inlet-level” product intelligent speaker has been widely optimistic in the industry. In the field of smart home, it has been circulated that “the importer has been The saying of the world, but as the development of smart homes continues to mature, this argument has gradually begun to be questioned.

In fact, in addition to smart speakers, other intelligent hardware products can also become carriers for voice assistants, such as smart alarm clocks, smart boxes, smart TVs, etc... If each smart device is equipped with a smart voice assistant, then the smart speaker The existence of the game will completely lose its meaning, so the smart speaker as the entrance to the smart home to snatch, is not completely reliable, or "entry theory" is a pseudo-proposition, in addition, from the specific situation of the smart speaker market in recent years At present, the giants who do smart speakers are basically losing money, and they have not achieved the expected effect of "the winner has the world". Although there are still giants entering the smart speaker market, smart speakers seem to have really been difficult to exist as a burst point.

"Ecology", "Full House Intelligence" will become the keyword of 2019

From the dynamics of the smart home industry in 2018, believes that building a smart home ecosystem and building a whole house smart will become the key word of the smart home industry in 2019, and the “enter” battle of smart home may slow down. This means that next smart home players will no longer be satisfied with the launch of smart home explosions, but to make the smart home life scenes widely spread, and truly move toward the direction of interconnection and interconnection.

At present, smart home manufacturers that have already entered the market have already identified their own positioning. There are enterprises that focus on R&D and production, companies that do whole-house smart home solutions, companies that do smart home open platforms, and only focus on A company that does Internet home appliances... It’s obviously not a good choice to split up the big cake of smart home. It’s better to look for partners who are able to compete with themselves and integrate them like Xiaomi and Huawei. Products and industry resources, jointly build a more robust smart home ecosystem, such as Huawei and Jingdong to join, to achieve the interconnection of intelligent hardware, Xiaomi and IKEA teamed up to connect IKEA smart lighting products to Xiaomi smart home system.

Breaking the information islands and interconnection barriers, integrating the resources of the smart home industry chain, realizing the interconnection of more devices and enhancing the user experience, is of great significance for the breakthrough development of the smart home industry, which will surely become the smart home industry in 2019. The direction that needs to be worked hard.

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