The Driving Factors For The Development Of China's Wood Furniture Industry

- Dec 18, 2018-

As a manufacturing industry with heavy service and experience, the home furnishing industry has always been tagged with tradition, slowness, and inefficiency. Even today, with the rapid development of information technology, its degree of Internet transformation is still not high. In the concept of majority, decoration and household consumption are rare experiences in a lifetime; in the eyes of practitioners, the long industrial chain, low consumption frequency, and high unit price are still three mountains that are burdened and insurmountable.

However, in the past two years, a wave of “fast fashion” has been set in this industry, which seems to break the stereotyped and backward stereotype of the home industry.

What is "home fast fashion"


Everyone has a different understanding of "home fast fashion", but the overall situation is similar. Fast fashion originally referred to the designer's rapid response and imitation of the fashion show design, and later evolved into a fashion company's rapid response to the fashion design of the show, and designed a clothing product that closely follows the trend, and then flows into the store at a low price. A business model that allows consumers to buy the latest fashions at a low price in a short period of time, represented by brands such as H&M, Zara, Topshop and UNIQLO.

These brands have their own characteristics, although the business process is very similar. The fast fashion concept saves a lot of time, and time is efficiency and money.

As the name suggests, home fast fashion means the use and rise of the fast fashion model in the home industry. According to the relevant expressions of the industry media and the personal experience of the author, the current fast fashion phenomenon in the home industry can be summarized into two major characteristics:

First, the product categories are gradually enriched, and the soft-packed small items such as pillows, seats, bedding, tableware and personal care products are mainly updated. The products have high consumption frequency, strong design and high cost performance. The characteristics of “fast-moving consumer goods” are targeted at the mainstream urban consumers who focus on product quality and value, are sensitive to price, have certain economic standards and aesthetic level;

Second, the store design is different from the general home store. It has the characteristics of beautiful decoration, fashionable style and bright colors. It pays attention to space design and scene matching, and the space utilization rate is high while paying attention to the consumer shopping experience. The location of the store is mainly in the department store with high traffic flow. The trend of the personality design, the warm atmosphere and the refined quality redefine the consumer's attitude towards home life. In addition, some store forms such as “flash shop” are also regarded as the embodiment of home fast fashion.

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