The Home Capital Market Is Very Lively, And The Custom Home White-blade War Is Open.

- Jan 14, 2019-

Increased concentration of head brands and reduced opportunities for new brands

The concentration of the head brand will be higher and higher. The head enterprises represented by Sophia, Europa, and Shangpin will continue to grow steadily. Although the growth rate has slowed down, it will continue to grow steadily.


In the fourth quarter, the home industry experienced a very severe market challenge and the speed dropped dramatically. Forecasting the growth rate in 2018, the growth rate of Ou Pai home is 15-18% (the growth rate in the first three quarters is 18%), Sofia is about 15-20%, and Shangpin home delivery has a growth rate of 25-30%. The increase in home delivery comes from the continued contribution of O2O, as well as the channel network layout and channel growth dividend.

In the weak second- and third-line brands, there were also different levels of performance decline in 2018, some of which were even cliff-type. On the one hand, the head brands Sophia and Europa continued to use special packages to draw a strong pressure on the second and third-line brands; On the other hand, the continuous increase in costs, the shrinking of terminals and the rapid rise of fine decoration facilities have made the brands with retail-oriented channels face enormous operational pressure.

In recent years, brands that have entered the custom home industry across the border, as well as new brands that have not yet completed brand building and channel layout in the market, face fierce market competition, and indiscriminate products, increased investment, output Not as good as before.

In this round of competition, brands with serious homogenization, low professionalism and no special features will end up with no growth or even decline in performance, and some will become OEMs, fly orders, and even close the door directly.

The first year of capital: the home capital market is lively and extraordinary

According to the statistics of the billion-dollar think tank, as of December 10, the overall financing amount of the home improvement industry in the year of 2018 was as high as 21.398 billion yuan. Compared with 2017, both the quantity and the amount have increased substantially, up by 8 times year-on-year.

On the one hand, the difficult development of the industry, on the other hand, the capital war in the home industry is getting hotter and hotter. Among them, Zhejiang Bunny Group, with 700 million yuan to enter the home industry capital market holdings, mergers and acquisitions of related companies; while Gujia home is more handwritten, in 2018 performance is unusually eye-catching. First, the acquisition of Shanghai Banerqi, and then the acquisition of Germany Rolf Benz, and the holding of listed companies Xilinmen, Quanzhou Tunbao home, and so on, completed a series of amazing capital moves.

Not only that, in 2018, Dinggu set in a red sea, strong landing in the main board market, in addition, some custom home enterprises have also received strategic investment in capital. For example, Red Star Macalline has invested in a number of custom home furnishing companies, including the European Union, such as Siniman, Weifa, and Julie. Therefore, despite the popularity of the custom home furnishing industry, it has formed a custom home furnishing system for custom home furnishing companies, flooring, plumbing, kitchen appliances and other custom home furnishing businesses, and custom home furnishing companies such as Red Star Macalline. There are no less than 20 custom home brands in the three parties.

Capital blessing, custom home white-blade war

Under the blessing of capital, the performance of the channel and entrance battles is extremely obvious.

The first performance was a dramatic change in the channel. On December 30th, the House opened 31 stores on the same day, successfully completing the annual goal of 300 stores set by the company at the beginning of the year. Red Star Macalline opened 19 stores and overfulfilled the company's tasks. The crazy layout of the home store has also greatly rewritten the pattern of the industry.

In addition, Gome, Suning and other traditional appliance stores have been involved in home retail, which has a big impact on the traditional home industry and home stores, and the market structure is completely possible to rewrite.

The second point of the entrance competition is reflected in the custom-made home enterprises have increased the size of the whole package market; Jun does not see the Shangpin home with the whole cloud, the European package, the gold medal home decoration, the Shi Niman smart home and the Bai Desheng small home have entered The whole house is fully assembled. The whole assembly is the biggest entrance to the home industry. It is one of the most important channel entrances for the home industry in the next three years. Whoever takes the entrance, who knows the future!

Third, look through the performance reports of the custom-made home-listed companies Europa, Sophia, Piano, Zhibang, etc. We will find that there are very important growth channels for the growth of several major brands, namely, the bulk business - Fine decoration works.

The era of hardcover houses is approaching us at an unprecedented speed, and it is equipped with a longer supply chain, more main furniture suppliers and more construction control standards, which will undoubtedly make a huge change in the upstream production mode of real estate. The downstream home building materials industry is bound to have a revolutionary impact.

The refined decoration real estate is a closed loop of the supply chain of resource integration. The developer relies on a strong sales system to integrate the upstream main material suppliers and the midstream design and decoration construction, and divide the scattered decoration parts into unified decoration. Living in the hardcover market, working with real estate developers and self-contained companies has become the core lifeline of many home building materials manufacturers, distributors and home stores to cope with the innovation and development of the market.

It is foreseeable that in 2019, the custom home industry will undergo great market changes. Although the market is still a bitter, but the crisis often means opportunities, who can laugh at the end, who will be the big winner!

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