The Technology Of The Import Expo: Embracing This Future, Are You Ready?

- Nov 07, 2018-

Coffee waiters, warehouse handlers, fabric weavers... these jobs are replaced by robots. Perhaps you will say that it is not uncommon for these simple labors to be replaced by robots, but to make a fashion look, do a health check, and produce an aircraft part... these require fashion taste, experience accumulation, precision calculation, and patient work. Completed by the robot, is there any shock to you? If you still think that these robots are powerful, but not beyond imagination, then the car that can fly, the precision can be controlled by a 4 micron giant machine tool, a mysterious house of self-produced energy... these "futures" you did not expect It has also entered our field of vision.

Walking in the smart and high-end equipment exhibition area of the Import Expo, you can switch between the various smart workshops. The robot that sorts the table tennis, picks up the table tennis accurately, and places it in an accurate position, looping back and forth, tirelessly. Dozens of wire barrels are lined up, textile fabrics do not need manual operation, and it may be difficult to see the working pictures of textile workers in three shifts. Shipping, installation, testing, and completion of this assembly line are three robots, saying that they are "robots" that are somewhat reluctant, just look at the moving machine, but the whole process can replace the manual, they are really a "team" .

If you feel that you are not addicted, you can come to a "man-machine matchup." The fourth-generation FORPHEUS table tennis robot that appeared in the Omron exhibition area is fighting fiercely with visitors. It has a large body, but has a smart "arm" and a sharp "eye" to control the timing and direction of the shot in a thousandth of a second. Born in 2013, it was selected as the "World's First Table Tennis Coach Robot" and was selected for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Play with it, you can't win in all likelihood. No, we don't fight, we have to cooperate. In fact, the basis of robotic update iteration is human-computer interaction. Equipped with continuous iterative AI (artificial intelligence) technology, FORPHEUS has become a symbol of the continuous evolution of human-machine relations. More robotic equipment is also learning and progressing under the higher requirements of human beings.

In the age of technology, your magical feelings may come from, and suddenly one day, the scenes in the science fiction movies you have seen become reality. Traffic jams, the car door that is rushing to open is turned into an airplane, which can travel between high-rise buildings, or land on the tarmac of skyscrapers... cars that fly in science fiction movies, nowadays Appeared in the exhibition hall of the Import Expo.

The flying car developed by the Slovak technology company Aeromobil takes less than 3 minutes from the driving mode to the flight mode, and takes only 595 meters for the take-off run. In driving mode, the maximum speed is 160 kilometers per hour, and in flight mode, it can reach 360 kilometers per hour.

The German “Dahan” and “Taurus” Longmen Milling, which has crossed the ocean to the import fair, is the world's leading machine tool. It is 20 meters long, 10 meters wide and 8 meters high. It covers an area of 200 square meters and has a total weight of nearly 200. Tons, the accuracy can be controlled at 4 microns, which is 3 times that of conventional machine tools. The accuracy of the machine has exceeded the limits of humanity, and its future is infinite.


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