The Top 100 Furniture Martin Series Is A Beautiful Life, Derived From The Design Philosophy

- Dec 13, 2018-

In the search for a modern lifestyle, the top 100 furniture has both a strong connotation and a youthful vitality. Working with multinational designers and using German design philosophy to make the disorder and chaos in life organized, the Martin series not only gives furniture products more intrinsic, but also makes it easier for young consumers to enter the line of sight. Let more people enjoy a tasteful, stylish, and orderly home life.

 Combining German functional design with Chinese enamel craftsmanship, the Martin series of furniture has abandoned all the extra decorations in its design, thus obtaining a very simple and beautiful form, as well as a functional form of beauty: the connection of the 榫卯 structure; The geometric form, balanced and concise, is the visual effect of purification; the unity and continuity of functional design, standardizing the essence of furniture design. This is the design philosophy of the Martin series of furniture, but also an orderly philosophy of home life.

The minimalism in styling is not to be simple, but to remove the exterior, but also its essence, returning to the aesthetics. The Martin series of furniture is smooth and stretched with American black walnut wood grain; the delicate and gentle touch senses the beauty and fineness of the black walnut wood to the maximum extent. This natural atmosphere makes everything come to the United States and belongs to the United States. If it is paired with fresh green plants and accessories, young and energetic self-sufficiency, such a high-level design language makes the Martin series furniture worthy of permanent preservation. Artistic products.

As the furniture product to be used, the comfort is naturally in the first place. The designer martin ballendat inherits the German craftsmanship in the design and production of the Martin series furniture, in the emotional craftsmanship and rationality. The perfect integration between ergonomics. The rigorous and meticulous work attitude, the angles and lines of any shape will be repeatedly studied and experimented. Even the armrest of the sofa will bring its functions to the extreme. Such furniture will bring simple and elegant visual enjoyment to others. It also brings people a long-lasting comfort experience.

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