Under The Hot Need To Think Coldly, How Should The Smart Door Lock Industry Go Next?

- Jan 22, 2019-

China's smart lock industry has developed extremely rapidly in recent years, especially since 2015, the number of smart lock companies, product quality, production and sales have achieved leapfrog development. According to the data of the National Locks Information Center, in 2015, the domestic smart lock production and sales volume was 2 million sets, in 2016 it was 3.5 million sets, in 2017 it was 8 million sets, and in 2018 it will be between 13 million and 16 million sets.


Behind the rapid development of the industry, people continue to fantasize about the imagination of the future 100 billion market. But some people question whether the smart lock market in the future will reach 100 billion? The mother doubts that the market cake is really big, but not now, it may not necessarily reach 100 billion in the next five years. Even so, the companies that come in are still a lot of things. Therefore, the door lock can not help but ask: Do you make money with smart locks now?

In addition, the author also asked: Some companies say that their annual sales have exceeded 300,000 sets, 500,000 sets, and even some claims to have exceeded 1 million sets? In the face of these so beautiful figures, do you really believe it? Do these numbers have no moisture? The answer is yes, there is even a lot of water. Of course, it is undeniable that there are several companies that can do more than 500,000 sets, but there are still very few companies with such strength.

Not long ago, the author visited a smart lock dealer in Beijing. He said to the author: Now the ingredients of the industry boast are too big. Some enterprises say that the annual sales volume is hundreds of thousands of sets, and tens of thousands can really reach the consumers. Set, a lot of goods are on the hands of dealers, agents. Recently, I have heard that a certain company in Zhongshan has told potential distributors that its monthly sales volume has exceeded 100,000 sets, but most dealers still have a skeptical attitude. To this end, the door lock Jun believes that the spring of smart locks is far from coming.

In response to the current situation of these industries, the author would like to talk about a few points:

First, small businesses and small brands live really hard. According to the data of the National Lock Information Center, the annual production and sales volume will be between 13 million and 16 million sets in 2018, but the TOP20 production and sales accounted for about 60% of the whole industry, so the small brands and small enterprises account for a small share. . Therefore, small businesses and small brands are very hard to live. They may not be able to wait until the market value reaches 100 billion, and they have already been eliminated.

Second, the survival space of big brands and cross-border brands for small brands and small enterprises is very small. From the e-commerce platform such as Tmall and Jingdong, the top sales are nothing more than Kaidi Shi, Deschman, Samsung, Luke, Green Rice, Zhijia, Asia Pacific Tianneng and other brands with certain reputations in the industry; Black Dragon, Manya, Keyu, Rolex, VOC, Inter, Gold Finger Code, etc. also performed well, in addition, Haier, Samsung, Lenovo, 360, ORVIBO, Jingdong own brand Beijing, Suning, Xiaomi, Bosch Sales of cross-border brands such as Philips and online are not to be underestimated.

Of course, these companies sell well for a reason. First of all, the product is the first factor. Even if there are some similarities in function, at least there is a certain difference in appearance. Secondly, it is willing to invest a large amount of money for promotion. It is reported that The higher the e-commerce platform is arranged, the more expensive the advertising fee is. In addition, the expenses in channels such as TV, internet and new media are also a small expense. Therefore, large enterprises and big brands continue to innovate in product research and development, and invest heavily in promotion, while small enterprises do not have this strength, and the living space will become smaller and smaller.

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