What Details Do You Need To Pay Attention To In Catering Design?

- Feb 18, 2019-

Regarding the design of dining restaurants, the overall design, most of the designers are actually similar, especially the professionally studied designers, there will be no particular difference in the general direction of the catering design and the overall consideration, but in the There will be many differences in details, and it will directly affect the success of the entire design. The design team tells you what details need to be considered in the design process?


1. Convenience of use

Many restaurants have special places where customers can take their own chopsticks. These places can be taken by customers themselves or by the waiters in the restaurant. It seems to be a small detail, but if the design is not reasonable, especially the location is not reasonable, then it will make the customer feel particularly inconvenient, so the designer should consider the overall convenience in this process. Just like sometimes, some families come out to eat with children, children have less food, they want to get a small bowl, if the place to take the tableware is inconvenient, the customer experience will be affected.

2. Reasonable arrangement of functions

In the process of catering design, each restaurant has different functions. We need to do a good job of understanding and comprehensively match various functions. This is a very important part. When you are able to do more of these aspects of the function, then the overall effect will be very good. In the process of doing things, it is necessary to consider whether these functional aspects are matched, and whether people are more convenient in the process of using them.

3. The feeling of the environment


Some designers may always feel that we are designing at a glance and making some functions more reasonable and scientific. This completes the design, but in fact it is not the case. Many people choose a restaurant is not a special reason, maybe Just because it feels good here, we can add some emotional factors when designing, so that everyone really feels very good here, naturally your design will have more people like it. An emotional thing, we can hardly interpret it from one aspect, but you need to add some elements to this design.

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